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The EpifileDedicatory. msse( I ....SIMINIOMMIUOMMNI.116.1.0 but a breath, and yet not able to blow fomuch, as one cold blaft uponungodly great Ones, when be- ing fuddenly carried from their ftately and fumptu- ous dwellings, they fhall be caft into unquenchable flames.) To let you fee theexcellency, and worthof thofe happy wa:yes , to which it hath pleafed the Lord of Heaven, out of his frciall mercy, to bend the eye 'of your Noble mind : andthat you may knowwhat it is alone hath had power, and the pre- rogative, (and fhall for ever, in whomfoever takes Godspart) tomake you, both more truelyhonou- rable in your Selfe, and more faithfully ferviceable toour King and State ; both to caft aDiviner luftre upon your penona_ 11 vertues, and to makeyour ma- nagingof publike bufineffes (many times molt un- worthily forayed awry, by that foule fiend,Faetion, partiality, and private ends) worthy , confcionable and juff. For which, every honeft eye inour coun- trey that lookes uponyou, bleffeth you 3 and (hall mourn molt bitterly foryour abfence from amongft us, whenyou (hall bee glorioufly gathered to your Fathers. So let all that truely love the Lord refits, His bleffed Gofpel, and Servants, bee as the stinne, vbett bee goeth forth in his ?ight , and at laft full fweetly fet in the boundleffe Ocean of immortall bliffe. In thefe wayes of life., my- Noble Lord, which in the fence andcenfure of Truth it felfe, are PM' 3. z7. wages ofpleafitre andpathsof fweeteftpeace ;it is the infinitedefire of my heart,atid !drift of this Treatife I now offer into your Honours hands, that you would Hill advance forward, and doe more nobly Mil. That you would improeve to the utmoft, the height