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13 0 Genera§ direelions for a upon thole, whom the Higheft Tribunal! cloth mercifully acquit. To illighten a little, and reaifie thy judgement in this point of private judging; conceive with me : . Firfl, that all judging and cenfuring is not cenfurable condemned : But that when a man with an evill minde judgeth ainiffe and uncharitably of others for fome evill end. Wemay judge the tree by his fruit. If we feea fellow conflant and incorrigible in his lewd rebellious curries , evi- dently infamous for rotten fruits, hanging out in the open fight of the Sunne ; as drunkenneflefwearing, ufury, whore- dome, perfccuting the power of godlineffe, fcoffingReligi- on, unrighteous dealing, &c. Wee may, leaving his finall doome to the Searcher of all hearts, judge and ccrifure him for the prefent tobe Gods enemy , and in a molt wretched do kidx3,to, eftate. But in inch cafes, betides juft calf!, be lureof a war- ?barite, tab for rantable calling, confcionable a end, and no baffle itithine life and doarine, b called tkem Hypo. eye. (titer , for caution 2. Secondly , let us take notice of Come differences be Tifiipler: Match. 23, 1, 2,3, tweene the true Profeffors , and prophane mans cen luring. and i6.6. Itdiffers, in relpeCf,. and Herod, Foxe; for adaimition to I. Of the Obiea. The principal' Riffle arid obiea of others. 13. 32. carnal! mess difconceits, and bittereft cenfrires , is the Like - b Matt x.75. zealous Profeffour. Dogged they are enough many times amongft thernfelves, about worldlyaffaires, and malicioufly inter- tease one another like wild beets; rnutuall brawlings about earthly things, wrongs, encrochrnents, undenninings, coozening , over-reaching, ambitious contentions, &c. fill their hearts with muchgall and greedineife of revenge, their mouthes with mutual' barking at and byting one another. But to the peopleof God, in their Bedlam fits, they are not onely Dogs,but even enraged Divels, and (well with the very venomeof Hell, the ovet flowing whereof doth drowne all privatedifcords.throdand,Tihate behaved themfelves before like two angry Maftives one againft another ; but when op- portunitiewas offered, they purfued Chrilt with reconciled malice and united forces. Put up an Harebefore twoGrey- hounds.