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comfortable walking with God. 129 =1.......111, orseronarnewsIwar...0 its owne finnes. Which home-imployment happily hinders and moderates a man from too much medling abroad. This world of worke within , about his owne foule , in difcovering , oppofing , and mortifying his owne unruly tufts and rebellions, ties his tongue from being fo bufie in censuring other nuns faults. As therefore thou would& have a true teftimonie of taking thineowne finnes toheart, and of having beene fincerely humbled under Gods migh- tie hand thy felfe , keepe a constant and narrowwatch over thy tongue : bevery fparing in fpeaking theevill which thou knowefi by others : judge noman rafhly,out of fpleene, hu. rgiauerteentea mour, paffion, pride, prejudice, Pharifaifme, &c. or of his us judexsaut cud- finall fate. For all found Converts and truely mortified men 73reuispi, explureur, define and labour tobe very charitable , merciful! and feafo. nable in their cenfures. Confcioufneffe of their wine cor ruptions , makes them companionate towards others in this kinde. 067e17. Yea, but will Come fay, howfoever youput it up- on prophane men and hypocrites; yet it is well knowne, your Profiffours arc the onely fhrewd cenfures, very fight- full , and fevere about other awns faulti, and are fill ready upon all occafions, by their peremptory judging, to fend all others untohell favethemfelves,and thofeoftheir owne as they fpeake : ( And fowas the way to heaven filed many A% z5. 21' a yeereagoc.) eAnfwer. This I grant , ismany times the prophane mans cenfureof the true Chriftian , and therein he difcovers him- Idle to bee a true hypocrite : for with muchbitternene and malice hee cenfures fincere-heartedmen , to be cenforious, when himfelfe is the onely unconfcionable Criticke and cen- furer. Hee reprooves Gods faithful! Ones for reprooving, when himfelfe full often amongft his companions , out of a pang of imperious choler, and implacable hatred to holi- neff,, condemnes for counterfeits, without all ground, or truth, thole whom the Lord himfelfe inftifies for true- hearted Natkaneth , and panes fentence of guiltineffe and groffe hypocrite, after they be call by a jury of Ale-knights, upon