Bolton - HP BV4500 .B62 1634

132 Generale direaions for a 'Velus aliquis faviffimo Hydro - re, vel quolibet inuneclicabili Ian- guore confirietus, hone quidem eti- 2111negligat, eum veto cuipet, qui cxiguum in aliqui corporis fui pane non curet tamer, rein aryfori. horn. 14, in ATI. Met. andunworthily fnatched from the invenomed tongue of a Tale-bearer; from the fhnderotts folly of fome fcurrill lefier, the frothy raving of a greafie drunken Ale4ioufe haunter, nay rather then bile, forge it out of a fufpicious guild. nefle in their owne prophane fancies, and fuck it, as they lay, gut of their owne fingers. But let themknow, that when a ion of Belialcenfures a fincere Profeffor,it is as ifthe darkeft nooke in Hell fhould find fault with the Moon; that great Light of Heaven, for thofe little spots in her face, whereas otherwife thee is a faire and goodlycreature : as if the moll ioathfome dunghill fhould challenge the faireft garden for unfavourineffe, becaufe there is here and there a weed amicill varietyof other fragant flowers : as ifa worthleffe lumpe of drone fhould cenfurean angell of gold, for want of a graine or two in weight : as if a fellow almoft eaten up with the filthy French difeafe, fhould cry out of the danger of a growingAgue in another. For in this cafe bee who as yet is nothingbut an accurfed lutnpeof finne and loft damnation and hell, loades with cenforious lyes that happy foule, which in the Fontaine of Chrilis meritoriousblood, is made Farm whiter then the Snow in Salmon, and fairer then the wooll ofthe fheepe commingup from wafiting,though fome fpots and nines of infirmities and frailties cleave unto it, while it yet dwels inanhoufe of flail, and Tabernacle of clay. But now on the other fide, the ordinary objett of the Chriftians Cenfure, is according to Cbrifts rule thofe trees whith difcover themfelves tobe flarke naught, by the rotten fruits, whichhang upon them in the fight of the Sunne. And yetthat alfo 6.111 be feafoned with charity, difcretion, lea- fonableneffe, freedome from fpleene, humour, paffion, per- fonall hatred, infolency, orany other exorbitant difternper. Thofeprofeffours proove toooften, either utterly unfound, or not fo thorowlyhumbled, who unmercifully infult either, over the damnable eftate of thofa which are without, orLin; charitably blaze abroad the infirmities and failings of the brethren, which they ought to conceale ; and as the band faftenetil a falve uponany forepart of thebody,and then co- vex