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comfortablewalking withGod. I 33 itsr....s1e.r.r.da.eo vers it ; to toapply a plaifier of agentle and milde reproofe, that it may fecretly Neale; and the worldbe never the wafer, Ordinarily, fo faire as fume men are fierce, boyflerous, and inafterlike in fearching our, cenfuring, and fecret intuiting over the falls, frailties, difference from them in foam indiffea. rent things ' of their fellow-Chriftians ; fo much many times come they fhort in mortification, holy wifedome, faithfulneffe in their Callings, &c. and that of thofe, perhaps, whom they fo imperioufly difable andunder- value. Commonly, too bufie-bodies this way , are either dangeroufly prond,cr finfullypolitike ; proud, and therefore elidevour to raife their owne, upon the ruines of other Chri- ftians reputation, better then themfelves ; or politike ; for, themfelvesbeingcenfiirable for fame groffer infirmities, or fcandalous walking, they labour cunningly to finde antwera- ble errours inmorenoted Profe.frours, that themfelves may goe more armored. 2. In retpeaof the order. The true Chaim ever calls the firft flone at himfelfe, and fill}, thebeame out of his owneeye; that is, begins with himfelfe, fearcheth his owne heart, rips up and ranfackshis owne iconfcience, cenfures his ownewages, condemnesand crucifies his ownecorruptions, and abandons all his knowne finnes ; and thenNee may with a more comfor table calling, eAtatth.7 $. with more finceri- ty and fucceffecenfure a others. But hypocrites ; and thofe a Non gencraliter whohate to bee reformed, firft begin 'with others, are 111011 on nia judica- prying intoother mens carriages, perufing other mens lives, .Lorcuse,, thirifily huntingafter, perhaps, by the helpe of many dog- iTa a_..u_it ipcteitra- ged fpies, and fawning Spaniels, the Pals and faults efpeci- fed shls pqmi allyof Profeffors ; (for there is the kindly triumph :) ever quum fLigistiis :- tampering and mailing with their motes ; but have never rbrdaett any feature or pleafiire to Tooke into their owne rotten hearts, dmis quibufquc and rebellious courfes. The reafon of this difference may r elitetClaluCtme: bee this : Every godly man, together with the power of nant. Chrifoff hem, grace, puts on an holy bathfolnc ffe, and ingenuous modefty ; in".14". that bee wouldbee fouly al-flamed, andcould not with any face charge others with thofe crimes, whichhe fhould allow K 3 in