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136 Gener411 eiireions for 4 they guild them over wish goodly {Bowes , and pretence of zeale ? Hereupon they fomewhat affwa7e the fecret flavifh heart of their now and then woundedcoliences, and walke more merrily towards their eternall perdition, For a fettled difconceit of a Chrifrian harboured and applauded , is a firongnaile to fallen an unregenerate man to his owne waieF, and a mighty barre to kecpe him out ofa gracious fiate. Sen- firalills are fo ftrangely bewitched by Satan , that lice rirft caLifth them to forge in their ownebraines, or take up from a 1pirefull tongue , tome lying tale of a good man, and then afterinakes it his meanes to kecpe them with fecuritieand contentment in the kingdome of darkeneffe, and to Rand in everlafling oppofition to the waycs of finceritie, and falvati- on of their foules. z. To make by an affeaed liberty and feveritie in mar- ringothers,the tnaskes of their owne hypocrifie, leffe mark- able,. For by their fained triumphs, and imperious infultati- ons in this kinder efpecially upon frefh newes offome Pro- feffours fcandalous fall , they would have the by- flandcrs to conceive, that howCoever theybee not fo precife and for- ward, or make fo great a fhow as others ; yet they are fully as bon&men as they, and may, perhaps, flop intoheaven be- fore them. 3. To wreake their spite upon the children of'Light who are ever eye-forts and heart-fores to all forts of finners, Hee, meaning the righteous man ( faith the Author of the nip 2.a o Booke ofW ifdome,though Apccryphall,yet ancient)isgrie- vow unto tu, even tobeboid: for hit life U not likeother wens, hUwayes areof anotherAlbion, And it angers them at the ve- ry heart-root to confider, that whereas, they hope, and hold themfelves fufficiently qualified for Heaven ; yet the righte- ous mans forwardnelfe, zeale and living of another fafhion, if iczenuoufneffe dipell the milt of prejudice, clearely re- monftrates to their owne confciences , and proclaimes aloud -to all fpiritually underftanding men , that in truth , and upon tryall, they are in the {fate of wretchednefre , and of the fa- milyof Hell Hereupon it is, that they labour might and' maine,