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le. comfbembiewalkingvith God. full and tender , what conceits they entertaine, and whatcenn lures they paffe,upon others. They are bound by the Lams of divine love, toconceive and fpeake thebelt of everyone, untill his words ordinarycarriage, open prophaneneffe, and fruits ofthe fit& clearely convince the contrary; to confirm and interpret all things in the better part , fo farre as they may with a good confcience, without prejudice to the truth, or impeachment of Gods glory. They ought tobe fo farre fromgreedy apprehenfion of imaginary matter, or violent wreftingof mens words,a6tions and behaviour to the worft fence ; that if matters bebut probable , poyzed with equall circumftances, and with even weight ofreafons interpretable bothwayes , they are ever to fuller their conceits and cen- fares to be carried the more charitable way. They ought to be fo farrefrom cenfuring others without ground , truthand proofe; ( which is the ordinary praetifeof molt men) that they fl-:ouldnever fpeake the ill they toocertainely knowby their brethren , but with fearefulneffe, as it were, andCome kinde of enforcement. S. Jo refpeet of the end. The ends whyPharifes and Good.fellowes , as they call them, entertaine many ground- leffe difconceits , and thereupon exercife fuchcenforioufnefie againft holy men, are fuch as tilde : a. To binde up their bleeding (butes in the meine time witha palliate cure , as they call it ; to procure fame tempo. nary cafe to their hearts,againft thechecksand bitings oftheir guiltie confciences. For when confideration in cold blood of their impenitent courfes , and of their certaine walking in the broad way , by reafon of their owne fenfuall liber. tie, and much company,doth fling themwith remorfe, they have recourfe to the ill opinions theyhave conceived of the belt men ; and thereupon thinke within themfelves,and take occafion to fay untoothers ; What need we take thefe things fo much toheart, or trouble our thoughts with neceffi tie of more ftrietnefle ? Are not thole , goe for the godlieft, and are accounted the prime Profffors , fuch and fuch men Have not they allo their infirmities and follies , though K 4 they 135