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ti 140 Generalldirellions for a Ofelm.ww+MM.,..m.*.(ammont.aMlno.o*inertmsemso., ..P. .......,-..............,_.,,,-. ever to coffer our conceits and cenfires to be carried the more charitable way. 3. By adding unto the truth, or detracting from it, or intermixing falfeadulterate Gloffes, ®r fome im- pertinent Pareiethefit of a mans owne. Chrills falle accuiers were deepely and damnably faulty this way. And in this kind, many, who are their Crafts-mafters, as they fay, in malice, will &ft of all give goodmen in their abfence their dueand deferved attributions, with many magnificent and . pentium, ini.i. plaufible fpeeehes ; * but afterward at the doze, premifing corumgenus, Lau. dantes,;vi.. fome formall counterfeit protefration and Pharifaicall Pre- to agricolap 67A face, as, I am verylorry toheare it : Iwould it were otherroiji, tomemen are Arai, come inwith a Bat, fleept in the verygall and vineger,vvhich fed maliesoully to their hart, theyhy to bites moll bitterly,and cuts like the fharpeft razour. As thus : flare envy auto- iouge tow's, them Aman of very goodparts, gre t worth , extraordinary en- dowments; But fomething proud, He is one,that is very well reformedof late, of much knowledge, and growne marvei- loufly forward in Religion ; But a little covetous. And thus they fpeake, not out of any love unto the party, impartiality of cenfure , or that the imputation is true : but out ofa cunning trkke , to bring their owne credit to their owne doore ; a perverfe humour of meafuring another by their owne foote ; an envious impatiency of being furpaffed in any fufficiencies or rather than all this, from a bale, an irre- gular and dung hill defineof having the bell men, efpecially every forward Profeffur, branded with one notorious But or another. For hypocrites, and enemies to Gods grace, would, rather then their lives, have the lives of all Gods peo- ple Rained with fome groffe finne. Ratherthen faile, they will fallen upon themmany a lewd flander that way, ham- meredonely upon the forge of falfhood, andby the mid- wifery of malice in their ovine crafty pates; or broached up- on an Ale-bench, or thatcht from the diftempered tongue of fome pedling Tell-tale, whence they may fupply themfelves with imaginary matter, both of infolency, and triumph a- gainfl forw ardneffeand zeale, and alfo nourifh a Pharifaicall perfwafion, that howfoever there may bee a profeffion, and fhowes to the contrary, yet others are as corrupt and cenfit.!