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comfortable walking with God, 14.1 unlivable as themCelyes. 4. By relating all the truth, the whole truth, *and nothing but the truth : but b either with a a It is not loyefiia malicious and fpitefull heart towards theparry; or in a con- taefpe tea.kaewtheei 7,2 ternptuous, fcornefull, and infulting manner ; or to a lewd 7se, , though it bee end, and upon purpofe to bring into hatred acid we a Calling. on ; or fome way or other, without any warrantable and b have 1.-/a±ed the comfortable calling thereunto. okg ago:nit David,, it all , or lime of Heere therefore it will be feafonable, for helpe and dire- thefe 'Oafs. &ion againft this more plaufible, but alfo peflilent kind of ctre eteramtbaritnitiCe: flandering, to tell you, that telling the evill that is true of a- Ephet4.15-. nether, in his abfence, doth brand you with the guiltand ftaine of Back-biters, fave in fuch cafes as thefe. i. Firft, of profit, andgood to the party abfent. For in- fiance ; Thou informeft thy friend of a third man ; telling him, that he begins tobreake out intobad courfes, ill com- pany, infamous haunts and houCes; and fo proceedeft to a moreparticular and pun6tuall difcovery of his lewd pranks and exorbitant carriage : but all this purpofely for the bene- fit of theparty. And therefore thou intreatefi thy prefent friend, that heewould interpofe, ingage, and improove the utmoft of that power and inter&which he bath in his aff:!. etions, dependance, or fome neerer relation, for his reclaim- ing andamendment, 2. Of expediency for him that heareth : when he is any way in danger of injury or infection, from the cunning, or corruptionof the party fpoken of. For inflance : Thou dif- cerneft and obfervefl fome flie, fmooth companion, under a cloake of Profeffion,and formal! colour ofconformity to the beft things,to infinuate into liking and acceptationwith thine unfufpe6ting Chriftian friend : whereupon thou forefeeft, that if he g©e on without notice and difcovery, and get once within him; a thonfand to one, at length hee will either cunningly preyuponhim, or curfedly betray him. Now in this cafe, thoumayeft lawfully lay out Inch a Counterfeit in his colours,and for preventionofthe mifchiefe which might chumupon fuch a dangerous infinuation, difclofe unto thy friendhishollowneffe and halting, and that lewdneffe an?, knavery