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comfortable milking with God. 143 the Word, prophanation of the Sabbath, difobedience to Pa- tents, fell fearefilly into a delperate knot of lewd compani- ons, then to Ale-houfe hanting, after, togaming, at Taft, to the gallowes: and therefore thou advifeft him to take heed in time : to let Inch wofuil precedents of finneand fhame nand fill in his eye,to flay him from breaking his necke at thebot- tome of the fame flaires : for if hecontinue the reines but a while longer upon the necke of his rebellious nature, and fill holdon fo defperately with Inch wilde colts, the divels Dromedaries to the fame exceffe of riot, hee fhall Rude no more power in himfelfe to flay,untill from the height of fin, he fall into thebottome of hell, then a nunhavingbegun to runne downe the fteepefl hill , can flop before bee comes at the bottome. He that layes his foundation with fire-worke, Tooke in the end to be blowne up ; he that prernifes pro- phaneneffe and rebellion , full be fure to conclude in cuffed- neffc and confufion. z. Ofpraifing God for the ruine,and rooting out of fome caiNefican deetturic.. implacable impenitent a perfecutor ; thus, or in the like man- ner : A remarkeable vengeance bath feiz,x1 upon inch a nes criaPrn ho; fcornefull caitiff; who hash beene a p:Ip.:tuall bloody Goade `0Zuliffirnit in the fides of the Saints all his life long. Vpon which occa. tur Et:cleat:pia vaunines ;11 violluuda: fon thoudircovereft unto thy friend many paffages and of his crueltie andhate againft the Kingdoineof Chrift and Pie vivcre inCtirks ftpaorsrecnttluercutionem. his precious people and that purpofely to milliner matter alfo unto others , of more heartily magnifying the Glory of Non pateris per Gods Iuflice ; which at length bath happily flrooke downe eArntiockm eaten chriao,vilpft.i., with an incurable , and invifible plague ; up Herodwith vermine; made Paihur a terrour tohis friends; 7)j4Ir 54. Zedechiah to runne from chamber to chamber to hide him. felfe. For you mufl know, that the hearts and tongues of all good mcn, and friends to the Gofpell , are woont to bee filled with much glorious joy , and heartiefl longs of praife, at the downefall of every dogged oppofite;. when the re.. venging hand of God,not without fpeciall terror, bath turn- bledfrorn the top of malice and pride any Antichrittianana enraged enemy.. So the lewes feafted, after Haman, was hangect.