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142 Genera 11 dirartionsfor 4 Cora. Ads apaC knavery which heguilds over in the meane time, \ vitha \rail?, of teeming, and vernifh of hypocrifie ; but is woont, when once he bath attained his end, or aeted his villany, to throw away his vizor. For filch fcllowes there are abroad in the world,who purpofely mixe and joyne themfelves withGods children, hang upon, and adhere unto true Chrinians, as men fromwhom by teat-On of the finglenefle of their hearts, and charitable unfufpicioutneffe, they may either direaly or by accident fluke out the greaten advantage. 3. Of neccifity for him which fpeaketh : That he maybe preferved from guiltincitc and acceffarineffe to the finne, which by filence and laying nothing, he fhould incurre and bring upon himfelfe.For inflance:There comes to thynotice fome notoriousvillanies, which concealement and impuni- ty would mightily animate, and eafily tranfport to further exceffe and outrage ; but feafonable advertifement given to authority, as to a Magiarate, Milliner, Tutor, Father, Ma- iler, Governour of Family, might bee a meanes to cut the knot and heart of Inch curled good-fellowfhip, and flay the torrent of that fcandalous infolency : In this cafe, thouhaft a calling to reveale, informe, and implore fuperiour affi fiance for fuppreffion of firma. And therefore thofe of thehaute of Cloe did well to certific Past, of the diCorders and dif- fentions amongft theCorinthians : And Peaule filters tonne, to acquaint the chiefe Captaine , with that devillifh plot of defperate confpiratours againft Paml. Otherwife, both thou and they, by cowardly and cruell filence in fuch cafes, might in Tome fort , junly incurre the guilt and accoun- tableneffe even for other mens finnes fo unhappily con- cealed. 4. Fourthly, when a feafonable, warrantable occafion is given thereby, of performingTome Chriflian duty, as Of inftruaion, and forewarning to others ; thus, or in the like manner : Thouhaft a friend, whom thou feed, and fearefl is entring a licentious courfe, which at length is like tobreed his confufion ; Whereupon thou telleft him, that fuch or fucha man, juft as he begins ; from contempt of the