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confinablewalkingwith God. 149 ww....e. greffe antigrowth in feverall graces , and the wholebody of Chriftianitie ; relapfes, defertions, theirdifcoveries, recove- ries, with all the meanes and circumftances: In a word, by a pun&iall obfervinghowGod deales with it everyday. Bee, I fay, thus bleffedly buffed at home in thineowneheart, and thou (halt fiade thy felfe much morepregnant and plentiful! in holy talke when thou coalmen abroad. We aremoft apt and readieft to powre out our (elves in publike, according to our private provifions , and the molt predominant dif- comicsand contemplations of theminde The conferences offree and unreferved fpirits are ordinarily nothing elle, but the clothing of their ordinarie mental! conceptions, and heart-fecrets with familiar formes k.f fpeech. Menfor the molt part, fpeake moil and moil willingly of thole things they mindemolt. ife thus in this point,tbat thou mayeR beehabituated and heartened with refolution anddelight . the art and exercife ofputting forward goodmike ; or ofdi- vertingand drawing towards better in cafe of the contrarie. Otherwife, thou shalt never bee able to hold out with con- flancie andcourage , to croffe many times the general: mirth ofthe company, to put worldly-wifemen our oftheir de- ment of all earthly talke, to drawworldlings, which goes molt againft the haire, toheare ofheavenly things. V I I I. Survey throughly before-hand with the glorious Lampe ofthe Wordof. Life -and Truth ; watch over, nar- rowly with the illightened eyeof a tender confiience , and ever punetually manage, and conduet with the particular light offpirituall prudence, every aet'ion thou undertake% or that (hallat any time paffe thorow thy hand ; ofwhat kinde foever it bee, whether naturall, recreative, civil!, of mercy, Religion, &c. Towhichparticulars, before I defcend, let meecommend unto thee, and premife this Principle concerning aftions in generall. Every truely commendable andcomfortable atiion , con- fifis of an 'abfolute integritie of all concurrents and regal- fits. Or thus : That which is good and lawful!, malt bee en- L 3 tire