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comfortablewalking withGod. 153 high god,their Redeemer. Nevertbeleffe, theydie1 butflatterhim with their month : and they lyed unto himwith their tongues. For their heart was not right withhim, Plat. 78. 34,35,36,3 7 5. The meanes muff bee good, Otherwife, bee the end never fo excellent ; let there bee never fo exaek and abfolute concurrence of all other caufes ; yet the glory andcomfort oftheaction is quitedarkened, and defperately envoyConed to the man , that willingly, and againft the cry ofan illight- ned confcience, imployes and puts his hand to any wicked meanes for theatchievement. Suppofe that bya lie, thou could& lave a mans life, his a foul; the foules ofall the men a Ad fempiterni upon earth ; nay, winne thereby untoGod as much glory, as dte:croups it: accrewes unto him by all his creatures ; yet for all this,on thy lance mmulacio. partall were b naught. For it is a leeredPrinciple, fealed ave. mendaiso cia cap. toby truth it felfe ; Wee muff doe m ill, that good may comogSed ea qua con= thereby, Rom. 3.8. fiat enpeccata, nullobona caula 6. The circiuntlances mull bee feafonable, For inflance o obterntlip Hallo Perfonall and private prayer, is a right precious facrifice veld buena and fervice : but let it bee feafonable for the circumtlance ijaitenfttne faccoi en- ofplace, or elicit maybole its Tweet-fmelling 'favour in the 'runic:4'1,1;m ad ena7. nottrils of God, and bee tainted with Pharifaifine. The T,,:v7gi doter, or fome retired place, is fit for this exercife, which the opportunujitlit ab more fecret , the more fincere ; not the c Synagogues , and inz:f corners oft&fireets, whichwas the ThArifis vaine-glorious paws ac vacuum, Woont who fought more for d praile of men, then pleafing Igccrpirt7 of God. Meditation upon divine myfteries, andquickning bom.a9. zncap4. fpirituall points, is an excellent, and acceptable exercife, fo it fm7ttri. 6. s. keepe its owne turne,andbee confinde toa fit time : but in the d Ic)h'12.4P- beateofthe Preachers powring out his foule for us in prayer at the throne of Grace, it is finfull, becaufe unfeafonable. Calling tominde feriouffy fome fpeciall paffages formerly heard , or read, to preffe them with more life andpower upon the confcience, it is a right needful', and religious du- tie : but fo to doe at a Sermon, in tinging a Pfalme, or when wee ought tobend all the powers ofour Coutes , and beft attention to the prefent , is but one of Satans tricker in the glory of an Angell, to make us guilty oftilecontempt', and rob,