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Genera11 dirtaionsfor a Smal...ewlemomg - robus of the comfort of the ordinance in hand. 7. The end alto muff bee anfwerable in goodneffe ; and by its excellency and attraaiveneffe, inCpire amiableneff' and allurement into all themeanes leading thereunto, though they amyl(' bee in their owne nature painefull and unpleafing. all thy enterprizes and undertakings, thou muft have in thine eye principally, that univerfall aime of all our aCtions, Gods glory; otherwife, let the whole affaire bee carried never fo fairely in the eyes of men ; be clothed with never Co goodly a fhow, and glorious outiide ; yet in refpeCt ofacceptation with God , or true comfort to the party, it isnobetter then the cutting of a Dogger vecke. Moe did right noble and worthie fervice, by his refolute rooting out, and couragious cuttingoff that bloody and idolatrous HonFe of eAbab : and fweet in thenoftrils of G o D , was that great facrifice of Baal, Friefts bee marched furioufly in this holy bufineffe, and was very zealous to execute Gods charge in that regard exaetly. And yet for all this,all thefeoutwardglorious vale conformities to Gods commandement were tohim , but at the killingof lit man s becaufe his eye was not upon the right end, Gods glory. Flee principally aimedat the fecure fettling ofthe Crowne uponhis owne head , by an utter extinguifh- ment of the Kings familie. Had his aime beetle right , his heart had beene as well fet againft the goldenCalves in Dan and Bethel,as hishand and fword againftthe idolatrous bottle of Baal; but it was not fo, 2. King. 10. 29. Now I come to tome particulars; and J. Firft concerning recreations, whichhowfbever, they ought tobee very moderate and fparing ; and in that refra, me thinkes , I ihouid rather fpare my labour, and not fpend many words.: yet becaufe they are not onely infatiably pur- fued and plunged into by men of this world ; but alto too much looked after, and-lyen in, even by force whoCooke to. wardsReligion, Ifhall be fornewhat the longer ; andadvife, that theybe not a. Coftly. To curbe and confine thine affections toa fea. fonable and fanCtified moderation herein, confider i. how the