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156 Genera11 direclionsfor a used to behold rufull objeets without horrour. And doeft thou thinke then, hee will allow thee to feede thineeye and fancy, with their bloody torturing and tearing one another in peeces ? 2. With what brutifh favagenefte thoudejetieft and debafeft humanity, below the immanityof beafts. Nip bean, they fay, takes contentment in thehurtingof any o ther , except in the cafe of hunger or anger, They fatisfie their appetites and rage fornetimes with cruelty andblood; but their eyes and fancies never. 3. That menbloodily min- ded towards harmeleffe beafts difcover our natural! pro- penfion to cruelty, which is eurther manifefted. z. by the multitudes many times,thirfting and thrufting after the curio- fityofwoeful fpe6tacles,and their impatiencie to tarry the be- holding of the lamentable executions of guiltie perfons. 2. And in that they take no delight to fee wildebeafts play, and fportingly to make much one of another ; but are well pleafed to fee them bloodily encounter, mangle and enter- teareeachother. Thefe feeds then, orrather weeds ofcruel- tie, originally implanted in our hearts by the curieofnature, are too ranke and luxuriant of themielves ; they neede no manuring with barbarous inhumanities, and fports ofblood. 4. That Rulewhich Divines give about recreation,weemutt not makeGods Iudgements andpunifhments of finne, either upon manor beaft,the matter and objetlofthem. Now, belt Divines hold, that enmity amongft themfelves, wasa fruit ofour rebellion2gainft God , and more general! judgement infli6ted upon the creature after the fall. Whichmiferie coal- ming upon them by. °tar :wanes , fhouldrather breake our hearts andmake thembleede , then minifter matter of glory- ing inour ftiame, and vexing tholevery vexations,which our impietybath put upon them. Alas ,finfull man, what an heart haft thou, that canft takedelight in the cruell tormenting of a dumbecreature 1 Is it nottwomuch for thee tobeholdwith dryc eyes that fearefull brand , which only thy fume hath im- preft upon it; but thou must barbaroufly alto preffe its op- preffrons , and make thy felfe merry with thebleedingmil-c- ries of that poore harmeleffe thing, which in its kinde is mach