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consfertable walking withGod. 157 much more and farre better ferviceable to the Citator then thy felfe ? Yet I deny not , but that there may beeanother lawful! ufe of this Antipathy, for the deflroying of hurtful!, and enjoying of ufefull creatures; fo that it bee without any taint, or afperfion of crneltie on ourparts, or ncedleffe tor- menting of the filly beans. 3. Ingroffers of time. Thoufands thereare, who plunge themfelves over head and cares in court-es ofpleafure ; which they call recreations, wherein they very unworthily and wo- fully walk the fat andmarrow, as it were, ofdeare and pre- cious time , the flower of their age , the ftrength of their bodies ; emafculate and melt thevigour of theirfpirits, into cffeminateneffe , fenfualitie , and lull ; drowne the faire and goodly hopesof their education, the honour of their Farni- lies the expectation of the Countrey , the improovement- of theirparrs, in froth and folly : As though they were pia. cedupon earth, as Leviathem in theSea, onely to take their (port and palliate a therein. Lovers they are of pleafures, a ulo%Pric:01 5112' Mirth-mongers, men of this world fworneVaffals to car- tcliaunic maw addun, nail loofeneffe and riotous exceffe. They have their fooles tsicce,sPZent: tscit Paradife heere, and therefore in the equitieof a juft and ho- vent ern difruna- ly proportion , mutt with the Richman Locke for their paY- merit and torment hereafter: But Gods children mull make ti mine migle confcienceof meddling at any time with recreations with- ZmilS'Ll'at out true caufe and a jutt calling thereunto, and hold themof meniam iniiru the fame account and confequence with fieepe and other temperate refiethings , which ferve onely to quicken the croP. minde, revive the body , enlarge the breath, that wee may returne with more lightfomneffe and alacritie to our worke and Callings. The feafon then of comfortable recourte un- to thefe repaires and refloratives is , when wee have tritely wearied our bodies with fame honeft implovment, or ti- red our minds in worthy and noble exercifes, or both. And as we rnuft not prefre upon them at our pleafure, and prevent true neede , out of anhankering humour after I-portal!! vani- ties, old haunts, good fellow meetings , eonformitie to the times, or force fuch tenfuall and inordinate attraaive v lo in the