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comfortable walkillg with God. 159 dileffehorrour, and fo become the forlorne and woefoll Ob- ,teas, upon which (hall be exerciled and executed the un- qitenchable wrathof God, and fierceft torments in hel, with extremity and everlailingnefle ; nay, and in this point, more unhappy than the very Devils for fince theirApollacy,there was no !unties or poflibility vouchfafed unto themof rem., very, and returne to thofe everla(ling Manfions ofglory g - But the Tonnesand daughters of t"Plon, fince their fall, have had the very Sonne of God hitnfelfe, with the deare and nnvaltiable cry of his owne hearts blood , to mediate unto, and follicite the Father of all companions and mercy, for reflitution intofavour and plantation into the Angels room.. And therefore as this thought, Oh what unhappy and accur- fed crcaoires were we, who being crowned with the match- leffe tranicendencv of all felicities and glory , would not hold our nation and have fhined 1E11 ! I fay, as this thought will endleffely haunt the damned angels with unconceiveable byting and auguifh ;: not onely an anfwcrable felfe-fret- ting torture from this conceit; Alas, that we kept not Para.. dife ! will rent and teare the woefull hearts of the wicked in hell ; but alto a further firing of that never dying Worme, not incident to the Apollate angels, will extremely enrage themwith refileffe gnawing-, of con fcience and gna filing of teeth, when out of the horrour of their hideous woefull yellings, they (hall cryout againft themfel ves ; What wret- ches ? What bealis ? What madded Devils were we. I Who when the glorious Blood of Chilli Iefns was fo mercifully tendereduntou, in the Minifiery of the Word, all our life long, we turned our oackes agatnft filch bleffed and bleeding imbracements ; and cruelly cut the throates ofour owne pooreCoutes, by impenitent continuance in finne : fo loofing for a few bitter-fweet plcafures in this vale of teares, for an inchof time fulneffe of joy at Gods right hand, thorow, all eternity. 2. Time is precious. If, all this great =file body of the whole earth, whereupon we tread, were turned into a !Lampe of gold, it were notable to puichafe one minute of time. And ,