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60 General/ dIretfions for a And were there noother circumitance to fet an impreffron of high valuation upon it, yet this very one doth much en- noble it ; That all thefe faire and fhining bodies above dur heads, and principally thePrince of all the lights of heaven, that glorious and mighty Giant, the prime and crowne of all corporall creatures, doe tire and wafte, as it were, their cele- fliall vigours, with the incredible fwiftnefle of endleffe re- volutions, tobeget andgive us time ; I fay, us, who for the, finne of every moment in it, &terve eternity ofpuniih- ment. But that our hearts may bee more fenfibly wrought upon, & more effeetuallyaffected with thedearnefle and pre,. cioufneffeof it; let us fuppofe that the Lord, by divineand extraordinary difpenfation , fhould give leave to a damned foule to come into this life again; and wouldvouchfafe him but onehoure of a new triall, as it were, and a fecond time of graciousvifitation: Ohhow highly wouldhee prize,how eagerly would he apprehend, withwhat infinite watchful- neffe, endeavour, and diligence, would bee improove that little fhort golden feafon ? And if therein he might have but thehappineffe to heare a Sermon : Oh with what affeaio. nate inflamed attention would bee Men unto the Word of Life ! howwould his heart breake and bleed within him, and fall afunder in his breD, like drops of water, to heare Gods jut' wrath and holy indignation thundred out and threatned againfl finnc ! With what infatiable grafping and deare imbracement would bee labour to lay hold upon Cbrig kfau and his gracious promifes ? In a word,he would thinke, that in demonftration of thankefulneffe for Gods favour, might he be fo happy as to have it, the fpending of every moment of all that great body of time, which lyes betweene the Creation and theworlds end, if he might live fo long, in as holy, pure, aria, precife, heavenly manner, as ever did the moft mortifiedMartyr upon earth, were farre to little. Shall we then triflingly pate and play away the time that is foprecious ? And inmy fuppofition,thedamned foule fhould bee Pure of an houre : But none of us can poffibly pur- chafe fecurity for one very moment , after I have fpoken this