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162 Generale direelions fora theMilitant and Triumphant Saints , it were infinitely too little for his love. Wherefore no marvel' though well advi fed and watchful' , they feele themfelves rather pincht with want, thenpreft with plenty ofher golden offers and oppor- tunities to doe good , and be ever addreft to entertains and welcomeevery houre with fpcciall attendance, as a gracious Indulgenceof his patient love, and long-fuffering, and luffe. ring them to doe him yet more honour, ( for which caufe alone they long to live ) before they goe dowse into the pit andbe feene no more. And they fhould be fo farre frombe- ingafraid offolitarineffe,"as tohold their timealone, the only time for fvveeteft contemplations, heavenly commerce,neerer onverfing and communionwithGod. 3. We that areearthly Angels by the nobleneffeof Crean pion , though by voluntary degeneration incarnate dive's , were put into, and plantedwithin thecompaffe and comforts of this great and curious Frame round about us , the goodly Workmanfhipof Gods owne Almightie hand, wherein we have the Swine to ferve us ; and wee of this Kingdome by matchleffe and incomparable favour, the heavenly and hear ling beanies of the Sunne of Righteoufneffe , to fine upon xis through his glorious Gofpell; I fay, we wereplaced in this world, not to ferve our owne turves , to pleafe our ownc bearts,to follow our mile wayes, to eate, drinke, and fleepe; to temporize,, revel!, or roote in the earth ; to play the Epi- cures, Libertines, Machiavelians ; to climbe into high roomer, by all meanes lawfull and unlawfull ; bybribery, fi- ctionie, flattery, bale infinuations, following the times; or fome fouler meanes , and there to domineere and tyrannize; In a word,to ferve the divell for a few and evill dayes, to die, and fo to be damned. No, no, a nobler taskeand more excel- lent end is appointed and apportioned for the Prince and principalleft of all earthly creatures. Our being upon earth this little inchof time, is,for bufineffeof another nature, and for a. farre more important affaire, and of dearcft confe- quence ; evenwith humbleneffe and truth to knowand obey Four G'ocktofernogr brethren in love;and to fanour owne