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comfortable walking rvith God. this word. The time prefent is our onely time ; we have no more powerand command over the time to come; thenover the time pail. Even the next minute thou mayeft be cut off' by the firoake of death from all further time of repentance, acceptation, and grace for ever. Nay, yet further, were it poffible that any uncomfortable paffion were incident to a glorified Saint in heaven , he wouldbe lorry and tranfported with extremeanger and indignation againft hirnfelfe ; That hee was not a more greedy ingroffer, as it were, and int- proover of time, for doing excellentlyupon earth ; and that every houreafter his converfion was notcrowned with fome rarer and more remarkable exploit ; with fome more fpeci- all and noble fervice , for the glorifyingof that molt boun- tiful', and ever-bleffedGod , whobath now honoured him with fuch unfpeakeable glory, and that Crowneof joyes, fo infinitely tranfcendentto the uttnoft expeetation ofthe moil enlarged heart. Howfoevcr therefore menofthis world, for the molt part, except they be continually exercifed in varietie ofpleating imployments, and nil' entertainedwith frefh fuc- ceffions of newpleafures, are fore troubledwith time, and tedioufly perplext how to paffe it; which is the reafon that they &vire fo many paffe-times, withmuch follicitous and fenfuall fore-caft, plot and prole& to themfelves afore- hand, many andmany a merry meeting, idle vifitations, fea- flings , mutual' entertainments of meere complement and vanitie, jovial' revellings , as they call them , &c. that they chaine together, as it were, by the Art of Epicurifme and with linkes of liberty, continued occafions of company kee- ping , and good. fellow meetings , from theoneend of the weeke to the other: (For folitarineffe and felfe-converting, is a very torturing racke , and the tide-timeof melancholy, to the waking confciences of graceleffe and guiltie men.) Though, I fay, this be the cutlome and carriage of Satans Revellers; yet all Chriftians ought to have time indeareand high Oleo= , in every moment whereof thould they lay downe ten thoufand lives for His fake that pardons their finnes ; andalfodoe him all the glorious ferviceof 4 both the 26a