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comfortable walking with God. 165 cvery one of our particular day and doorne cannot bee farre off:Asyet,perhaps , the Almighty is withns, his providence proteCts our habitations, noremarkeable afflietion hath taken hold uponns ; fo that there is no mourning, orfpettades of miferies in our families ; no crying, 0 my Father eA&Aim, and 0 my Tonne Ifaac ; 0 my Tonne Abfalom, my fisome, my forme Ab(alom ; 0Abfalom, my forme, my Jim And thefe houfes of flefh, it may bee, wherein wee dwell for a few and evill dayes, are as yet in reafonable good repaire ; and itis every way with us , as it was with kb in the dayes of his youth, when he wafhed his fleps withbutter, and the rockes powred him out rivers ofoyle ; yet wee may build upon it, as a Principle which never failed finfull mortality that dayes of danger and difIrcff will have their turneand time alfo. Sorrowand fickneffe, perplexity and feare , temptation, de- fertion, troubleofconlcience, the deflroying Sword, a fierie triall, ftriving unto blood ; Marian times ofmoil abhorred memory, or thine dreadfull vifitation in one kinde or other, may feize upon us,we know not how foone.But howfoever we efcape in the tneane time, fare I am, thefe fraile bodies of ours, after a !bort while, will fall in (under, and moulder a- u, ay into rottenneffe and dull ; and our naked foules mutt fland at the juft Tribunal' ofthe everlivingGod, countable with exaCtneiTe and truth, for all things done in the bodie. Farrebee it from us then , and every one, that at that fall and great day would not cry to this Rocke and that Mountaine to cover him, like fonnes and daughters of confufion , to trifle avvay time in this heate of our fpirituall harvefl ; but rather with doubled and extraordinary refolution , let us gird up the loynes of our Mindes , and with all fruitfulneffe andpower , improove every houre of this faire Day ofour gracious vifitation ; to treafure up peace toour poorc foules againft the flormy winter night of death, towards which e- very winde drives us, andboth fleeping and waking wee are polling apace, though we perceive it not. 4. Wee mull bee countable for time. At the dreadful! Barre ofthat Nit Tribunal!, as wee mull be exaecly anfwer- M 3 able