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166 Genera11 direelionsfor a 1.e able even for wandringyaine imaginations, idle words, and every thevery kali errour of our whole life; nay, for not improoving all our gifts , goods, and graces, to the bell ad. vantage for Gods glory ; for mif-imploymentof our wit,un- derflanding, memory, affeaions, health, ftrength, courage, learning, libertie, authoritie, policie, or any other poWer or pollibilitie whichGodbath put into our hands fo mull we alfogive up a. aria account for the expence of every mo- ment of time. Now tell mee at that great and general' Audit, whether of thefe two fums will foundmore fweet- ly inour cares ? Item, fo manydayes in Recreation,: fo many dam in Humiliation ; fo manyhoures inPrayer, or fo manyhoures in playing at Cards : fo many weekes in Ioviall revellings and merry meetings, or fo many weekes in watch- ing over ourwayes, and walking with God, &c. A furious fore-conceit of the unconceiveablecomfort of the one ; and howcold the other will firike unto our hearts , might make us eafily grow into bleffed 455.o/fords care and praCtice this way, of whom it is reported, That bee counted that houre not well fpent, wherein he did not fome good : either with hispen, fludy, or' in exhorting others, &c. and not to rufh upon recreations unfeafonably, without neceflitie and war- rantablecalling. 5.. The holieff hearts of the moll worthy Saints are wo= fully haunted with too many diffraetions and violent intru- fion of idle, vaine , and impertinent thoughts , even in holy duties, religious exercifes, and folemne ufe of the ordi- nances : which without extraordinary watehfulneffe , and wraftlingon their parts , would utterly bereave and robbe themof all the fweetneffe , power, and profit, of thole bleffed meanes , and by little and little, quite transforme Them into forme and perfunaorineffeo If iri thebeft then and heavenlieft bulineffes , the vanitie of, our owne minds, and malice of the Divell prefie upon us with fuch impor- tanitie and refileffe aft-auks ; with what furious and im- petuous incurfions and vaflations of confcience are they like to oppreffe us in our idle houres , ill fpent time , and , purfuit