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comfortablewalking with Gad. I 73 gluttonous defineof grafping offices andhonours,fcrues hirn- feife viii modie, into fome high place as his oncly Paradife, and when he is gotten up, dances full merrily in golden fet- ters uponhis flippery flanding : but couldeft thou fee into his intide, thou fhouldeft beholdhis heart miferably fretting, and vexing it felfe ; raging with many pafrionate diftempers, for the indignation of good men ; contempt of inferiours ; thwartingof competitors;envy of compeeres;un&rminings of counter-fatiionifts ; jealoufies of Princes,&c. Howmany great mens hearts haveburl' with the Wafting frownes of a Kings forehead ? Nay, and which is a Bedlammifery upon the ambitious man ; hee is many times more grieved for an affront of fome grand oppofite ; becaufe bee cannot have his willof this or that man, that Hands in his way ; or for the negle sf fome expetzted complementall refpeet and ob- fervance, then pleated with all the other bravery and jollity of his high roome. This is cleare in Haman, though he was encompaffedand crowned with much undeferved and extra- ordinary precedency and pompe ; yet this one little thing, to wit, becaufe Mordecai wouldnot bow the knee, and doe reverence unto him at the Kings gate, did utterly marre and diffweetenall the other excellencies and extraordinatineffe of the Kings favour : See Heller, Chap. 5. Verfe.10,11,12, 13. e.-ind Haman toldhidfriends andwiji of the glory of his riches, d.c. Tat all this, faith he, doth nothing availe me, as long as Ifee C.21ordecai the Jewfitting at the Kingsgate. 3. The third is an eternall fling, which to a waking and working confcience arifeth out of a ferious confideration, and fenfe of Gods cauCefull, juft and holy indignation re- vealed in his Booke againft impenitents in fuch kindes. Whereupon it is no marvaile , though many times their hearts hating to bee reformed, and hearing their feverall doomes denouncedagainft them fromGods owne mouths, in that Word, by which they fhall be judged at the laft Day, be full forely fmitten with inward bitter gripings, and farce' guilty flings thevery hellifh &things and foretafts of that neverdyingworm: which hereafter without timely repen- tanee3,