Bolton - HP BV4500 .B62 1634

172 Generall direatimsfor a combes, and with muchladoe fucke out a little honey , but in themeane time, are foundly flung and flvolne about their, headsfor their painefull pleaftire, In their fcvrall walker ofa fooles paradife, they hunt both unrcafonably and unfeafona- blyafter tranfitory delights; but they are even pained , and payed home with a witneffe in the very purluite. For in- fiance : The covetous man accounts worldly wealth, andan hoardof gold , his heaven uponearth ; but in heaping it to- gether, his heart is wofully rent and tome afunder with car- king thoughtfulneffe , refileffe rooting in the earth, anxious and endleffe calling aboutand forecafting In a word; with much care in gathering, more feare in keeping, and moft griefe in parting from it. So that for feeding his greedy eye upon a little vanifhing heape ofyellow earth,his heart is con- tinually haunted with fuchvexingHarpies, I meane, wafting cares and falfe feares, that dry upeven his vitall moifture, and cut his very heart-firings in a pieces. God fellow meetings and Ale-houfe revellings are the drunkards delight: but all the while he fits at it, hee is, perhaps, in a bodily feare of the PuritaneConflable : when towards night he goes grunting homewards, he become a gazing b and laughing flocke to children in the ftreets ; no boner comes he reeling into his owue houfc , but he wrings fi efh cries, and tcares of fhame and griefe from his wife and family , for the reproach, beg- gery andmifery he brings upon them. And as hegoes on in this drunken good-fellowfhip, and takes a pride and pleafure inpowring in of thongdrinkc , theremany times infenfibly growupon himmany loath fome difeafes and deformities of body, Rheumes, Dropfies,Palfies,'a feare full face, °ming, fal. ling,and never riling againe , fomerimes not even out of a lit- tlegutter, that would fcarce choake a childe. The lafcivious wanton that wanders in the twilight, in the evening in the blackeanddarke night, after the ftrange woman befides the dart which flicks faft,and ranckles in his Liver'; meetes in the rneane time with rottenneffe in his bones , confumption of his marrow, a wound , anddfLononr, and reproach , thatAall not be wiped away. The boifierous afpiring Nimrod, out of a glut- ;Plus egent,qtfl- toplus habent:dc. &lab'svaftantur, cupidicatibus clif- iipantur , timori- bus cruciantur triftitia contabc- fcunt:aolufl. in Pfal.29. b Ridicules in Toro purls vide tur,oceafioncttiq; ut alp omnibus comemnatur przbet,BaP1"/"' sn Ebrict. tia."