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178 Generall directionsfor a Belthieztv upon earth, in the very top and ruffe of his mon joviall reVellings, and fwaggering fenfoalitie. But it is not fo with the earthly-minded man : for howsoever he any &gen with reafonable patience , and 'carry well enough away , all croffes and contradieiions to his wher worldly comforts, while he doth yet wallowwithout interruption and dif-quiet in the finfull pleafures of that felecdway of death , upon which the more.beadarotig current of his corrupt nature bath canhim ; and the naturall bent of his carnall affeaions bath tingled our, andtmade fpeciall choife of, to follow and feed upon with greaten delight , - which the Fathers call peccatum in dehciis , a mans bolome finne ; yet cut him once !bort of the free and full enjoyment of this his'fenfuall idol!, and earthly god , and - you kill his heart quite , and plunge himprefently into defperateditlradions. For inftancet: The covetous man , while his heart may nestle fecurely upon his golden heape , will paffe by _without any _great wound or paffian,thecurfes ache poore, thegrumblings ofhis conici- ence,the comminations of the Ministry, the cry of the whole Country again!} his oppre ffi ens, ulury,facriledge, and finfull popuius ntc wayes of hoarding. When bee comes home, and finds his tibilar , at milli - plauJo bags and bonds fafe ; hee bleffeth himfelfe in- his heart againft Iple krni fin" all threatued j;.idgements,horrors,curfes,conflifions. Though ac nurritros con- tcmplor arta. 'erns (Thrift himfelfe Should p-each and preffe them upon him,_ Luke 16. 14,, with-his golden wedge bee eafily curs afunder all fcruples, doubts,. exceptions, reafons,-arguments, ckjactions ,which any wayes oppofe his covetous and emelt courfes.. He pleafes and applaudes himfelfe againfi all cen- t lures, and contradielions wharfoever to- the contrary. But let GOds angry hand inhis jut judgement, by fire, robbery, or Some Secret confumption, match away his wealth; and he is likely enough-to goe out o-f his wits , and in great hazzard of hanging ,himfelfe. While the ambitious man is proudly mounted, fitsfaft upon the Scareof honour,. and Idolized, as it were,- and adored above others ; bee can eafily enough over-looke with an imperious dildaine, the indignation of good men, tmulationof great Ones the reproaches ofthe multitude,