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comfortablewalking with God. I79 multitude, and all other petty and private croffes ; but throw him downe from hishigh place; turne him out ofhis offices and honours; and how weary he is of the world ? howcirke- fome tohimfelfe'? how prodigal! ofhis life? how impatient of the company of men ? While the wanton wallowes in the brutal pleafures of his abominable filth ; hee beares well enough away the weakening of 'his body, the waftingof his goods,the flume ofhis finne, lofie offriends,ftaine of repu- tation : but beate himbacke, and barre him from the houCe of theftrange woman, and you breake his .heart; baniflahim from his Minion, and he is ready tomake away himfelfe. Woe, forrow, contentions, wounds without caufe, rednefle of eyes, undoing of Wife andchildren, houting at in the ftreets, will wellenough downe with the drunkard ; he may domineereupon the Ale, bench : but cut off te new wine and ftrongdrinke from his mouth; croffe him in his fwaggeringcourle ; confine him fromhis good-fellowmee- tings, and you take away the very lifeof his life. Thus every unregenerate man fccures himfelfe in force one fenfuall Hold or other, wherein the crowne of his carnal' joy confifis ; of which bereave him, and you (hall leave him joykffe, heart- hopeleffe, and hcipti; ffe. But take from the true Chrifti- an, if it wel e ffible,both Heaven and Earth and all the crea- tures and comforts of both;yet you cannot takeaway his joy. God le the firength of hie heart, and hie portion for ever. Surely keiball never 6e mowed; his heart isfixedand heleeveth in the Lord. Which fish it is fo, that fpirituall joy is fuchan unvaluable Jewell, and carnal! Co carfcd a vanity.; "let every Chriftian be exceedingly carefull, not to fuff, the froth and filth of this, to flame or leffen the glory and fweetneffe of the other.But if he once perceive any company or kindof recreation begin to fteale away his heart from communionand comfort in his God ; let him abandon it as a canker and cut- throate of his fpirituall happineffe ; and ever piize preferre the joyof the foule , delights of Grace, reircililogs of the ho- lyphoft , infinitely before all worldly pleafures , carnall N 2 , content..