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comfortablewalkingw'th God. Hee:Ven. But-left any-bee proudlyputt upwith fence of this fing,tilarity, and excellency above his neighbour T let hiM know, that humility is ever one of 'the fairell flowers in the whole garland of his fupernaturall and divine worth ; and that felfe-conceitedneffe would impoyfon even Angelical! perfeaion. 2. They muff upon neceffity diTerTrom a world of wk.; Iced men ; by a fincere fingularity of abflinence from the c cogrffe of this world ; the lulls ofmen : the '" corruptions of;,,atPphet172 the times; g familiarity with graceleffe companions ,; the h worldlings langtaagpy prophane fports : all wicked wayes-$ Prov.4.4,1r. Ephei.g. ofthriv ing, riling, and growinggreat in the world, &c. b colotr.o. 3. They make confcience of thofe dutiesand divine corn- sicut qui Diabo; luna Icquitur,San- ipands, which the greatell part of men, even in the noone- aorum collegium tideof the Gofpell, are fo farre from taking to heart, that aaffientialti. their hearts rife againa them : As, to beg hot in Religion DPeoerperfred:111 Revel, ; 166. To be zealous of good workes, Tit .2.I4. TO haterrtil'uirri°rum waike* precifely,Ephe/5..1 5. Tobe fervent- in fpirit, Rom. quam 12.1 T. To firive to enter in at the firaite gate, Luke 13 24, G,r%or,Itfigt?1:, To plucke out their right eyes, that is, to abandon their bo- "PP'. forne delights, c.},latth 5.29. To make theSabbath a delight, /111,5 8.1 3 . To love the Brotherhood, i Tet.2.17. With an _ holy violence, to lay hold upon the Kingdome of Heaven, e.,Tiatth.u.1 2. 4. Experience, and examples of all ages,froni the creati on downeward clearely proove thepoint. At this time, as you fee the Saints of God were all harboured mder one , roofe, and yet not all found there. Survey the ages.-after- 'ward : the time of eAbro:hava ; whowas as a brand taken out of the fire of the Chaidcans : The timeof,/,when none appeared to that blared man of Gqd : The time of who cryed, Chap. 5 3.1. Who bath beleeved ogr report'? The time of Manaffekwhobuilt altarsfor all the hill of Heaven,in the two Courts of the Houfe of the Lord : The time of Antico dm, when becommanded the Sanduary, and holy people to bee polluted with Swines-flefil, and uncleane !Rafts to bee facrificed, the abominationof defolation to -bee fet up upon B '2 the