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Generall directions for a wow. thlar, 5.2 3 the Altar : That darkefome time, when the glorious Day. Starre, Chrift kilts himfelfe, came downe from Heaven to illighten the earth The timeof Antichrift,when all the world wondredafter the B Oar times, wherein , of fixe parts of the earth, fcarceone of thekali isChriflians And what a deale of Chriftendome is flill overgrowne with Popery, and other exorbitant diftempers in point of Religion ? And where theTruthof Chrift is purely, and powerfully taught, how few give their names unto it ? And of thole who pro. Hie, howmany are falfe-hearted or meerely formall ? 5. Me thinkes worldly wifedome fhould rather wonder that anyone is wonne unto God;then cry out,and complains Is it poffible, there thould be fo few ? Sith all the powers of darkneffe, and every divell in hell oppofe might and maine the plantation ofgrace in any fouie : fith there are moe fumes upon earth, to keepe us full in the invifible chaines of darke. flare and finne, then there are flarres inheaven : fith every inch, every little artery of our bodies, if it could, would fweli with hellifii venome to the bigneife of the greateft Go- iiah, the mightieft Giant, that it might make refinance to the fanaifying workeof the holy Ghoft : fithour foules na turally would rather dye, and put off their immortality and everlafting being, then put on the Lord 'eats : In a word, fith the new creation ofa man is holden a greater worke of wonder, then the creationof the world. 6. Laftly,let us let afide in any Country, City, Towne, Family : Fiat, all Atheiils, Papifts, and diftempered exor- bitants from the bleffed Truth of Doftrine taught in our Church : Secondly, all Whoremongers, Drunkards, Swea. rers, Lyers, i Revellers, Worldlings, Vfurers,and fellowes of fuch infamous ranke : Thirdly, all meerely civill men, who come fhortof Cato, Fabricius, and other honefi Heathens, and wanting holineffe, {hall never fee the Lord, Het. I2 I 4. Fourthly, all groffe Hypocrites, whofe outfides are painted with fiiperficiall &tunes of holineffe andhonefty,but their inward parts filled with rottenneffe and tuft ; who have their hands in godly exercifes,when their hurts arc in hell. Fiftly, all