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comfortable walking with Ga. 7 1. content andundatintedneffe of fpirit, towards that glorious immortal' .Crowne ,above ; and let thole tniferable men, whofe eyes are hood-winkt by Saran, and fo blinded with earthly duff, that they cannot poffibly difierntthe invifible excellencies and true noblenefie of the neglected Sainti, fol. low the folly of their worldly wifedome, and fwayof the greater part, to endlefre woe ; and thengive lofers leave to talke. 3. Let every one, who infincerity of heart to be faved, everhold it a fpeciall happineffe, and his hyeit honor, to be tingledout from theVniverfall peftilent contagion of3S) "aloe common, prophaneueffe,and the finfn.11 conries ofthegreateft fe erai, thoughnone part; and tobe cenfuredas fingular in that refpetc.t. Neither ad4"7,",taiVfwet, is this a fingular thing, that I now fuggeft ; but it bath Beene than , with the the portion of the Saints in all ages, tobe trodupon withthe :ovad,,74.1.,b.azewired fecte ofimperious contempt, as a number of odde delpited wades re a deadly underlings, whereas indeed they are Gods Jewels, and the ci,,V,7 J37,"11111.$ timely excellent upon earth. Behold faith Ilaiab, Chap,8. I s. UM upon ,Cren.6. .1andthe Children whom the Lordbathgivenme, arefirfigne: v. 8. andwonders in Ili-ad. Iaril ad 4 monfler ;unto's-lowly, faith Da- vid., Iyal71.7. Iam inderilion dady, every one mocketh mee, faith ieremy, Chap. 20.7. We are made, faith Paul, a /f ern,tele *nto the world, and to Angels, and to men, 1 Cor.49. Wee are made as the filth ofthe world,theoffcowring ofall things, v..13. In p zisdflins time, thole that made confcience of their wales, Sunt mukimalE durft nor plunge into the corruptions of the times, and play v3 p'verires Clara*. thegood fellowes, were fcornefullypointed ati4t onely' 131 Pagans, hut even by unreformed Profeffors , Profeffors lc ""iiinetrei: niq qvuii. large, as we call them, as fellowes that affieled a recifeneff u vve,c,er inter efori- efas fob_rius effe, and purity above ordinary and others They . l woPuld minter _orni_cato- thus in. res callus erre, & , inter confultato.. full and fcoffingly fly in the faceof filch anholy one; are res Matherhatico- agreat man, liare,yote are ajaff man, are Elia ,,,, rum Dettill fincc.: .; i '" ricer colerc, et ni- , ' hil talc reclaims & inter rpe&atores nagacium theatrorum noluerit ire nifi ad eccleliam, patitur infulcores ipfos Chri- ltianos, & patitur verba arpera. & dicnnr, Tu magnus, to Julius, to es Hclias, tu esyetrus, tode ccclo venial: in5altant quocunque to verterir, audit hint atque rode verblm afperum. Q;Loci fi timer, re- cedit d via Chrriti Dei.--Qtrando audit verba afpera, uncle fibi habet facere folatiuin, st noncuret 'ger ha afpera, &c. Dicat, [Labs verba audio, fervus peccator 1 Dominus meus audivit, ammonium !lain:. vlaguft. inTjalin. yo. B 4,, arc