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cornitertdIlevalking2j)ith God, tons of fingtilarity in all other things: but in godlincff!, and Gods feryices ; not to futf,:r it in themfelvesAnd to pet fccute it in others. Now in thisStory of Noah, fo highly honoured with fin- gularity.of freedome,from the finfull contagion of thole clef, perate times, and happilyexempted from that moil general!, andgreatet} Iudgement upon the earth that ever the Simile fa w, an Vniver fall drowning ; glorioufly mounting upupon the wings of falvation and fafetv, bothof foule and body, when a world of Giantlike Rebels funke to the bottome of that new Sa, as a florae, or lead, Iconfider, z The =1eof Inch a fingular blAdprefervation which was the free grace and favour of God: But Noah fotsndgrace in the eyes of the Lord, verf 8. . The rcnowne, and honour of Noahs name : in that he ftands heere as the Father of the r new world, holy feede, n1P' and progenitors of Iefus Chritt Theft thcze,,,,r,,,;4, ,r,40,TralS cs,L2C 1.Cr. ' ' variir, ihrp Noah, verf 9. incorrupra,,2: nova 3. The defcription of .Noabs : I. Perlonall goodncile 2, Piefervation : 3. Poiterity. Thefe two latter follow. inmq fcminarium His'perfonalldeteription !lands th! end of verfe 9. A 7 oab v'inurV; eras a jugman, andperp5 in his generations, and Noah walked withgod. Where we finde him honoured with three- noble Attributes , which make up the charajer of A compleate Chriflian : Honefty- 2, Vprightneffe. ,3,- Piety., And they receivemuch excellency and Nitre from a circualfiance of time : In hisgenerations :f which were zmnyandmalad Atque Lim virtu. y tes Noachi dr corrupt. curnftanrii tem. Without any further unfolding my Text coherence and P acrin dependance upon either precedent or following parts, (for carnur patrages are plainer, And doe not ever exact the fautiairtcedlu.cnicaur'nfn length and labour of Inch an exaarefolution, as other Scrip- mulls, non con.. tures doe,) I colic& Flom the firit oint, wherein I finde Lerlf-asti9e1 cum f dectanho p - Gods flee grace to be theprime and principall caufe ofNoah.: minibus, comp. tiffimis, et faculc prefervation, this Note : comp tiffnno. Doll. The free graceand &vont ofGod isthe firf mover run. ang and fountaine of all our good. Confider for this purpofe fuch places