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I0 General) dirediomsfor 4 tik places as thefe, r _ere. 31.3.1/0/14.4, Teut7.7, 8, Rom. H )-2', 1 2, 13. /0/43,16. 4/24.2,3. ..Ephef. x .5 . 1, And it muff needs bee fo. For it is utterly impolfible that any finite cause, created power, or any thing out of himicIfe, should primarilymooveand incline the eternal', immutable, increated, omnipotent will of God. The true original' and prime motive of all gracious, bountiful' expreffions and effnfions of loveupon HisElegy, is His d'6,44,4 His rnertosi6e., neplaciturn : The good pleafure of His will. And therefore v skut Deo nihil tohold, that eleaion to life is madeupon forefight of faith., P"'ell sire caufa good workes, the right ufe of free-will , or any created ut incipiat veils , ita at Ipli Deo ni- motive, is not onely t falfe, and wicked ; but alfo an igno. hil poreft ea caufa la ab azter- rant and abfurdTenent. To faynomore at this time, it robs noaliquid wilt fi. Godof his All-fufficiency, making Him goe out of Hi/fi- em mini ',omit felfe , el die caufa, ut ab looking to this or that in the creature, upon which aterno fit,-Triedo His will may bee determined to eleet. The Schoole- men Tom fib, de cox- 1 ,. i. ,i,b, cir ugh oche/wife a rotten generation of Divines, yet are an. divi. cap.3 right in this. Non m Deus rnovetur ab aliqui I. That diflinaion which I Icarne frommy ' Mailer, in re adCX471$ liquid agendum'; ad 4' his heavenly Sermons publithed fince his death, doth leade ahoquin Thus vo. unto aright, and truly enlighten this Head- Ipring of all our Juntas ,, aria in good. 1. Some atilons of gods love unto i i. s , faith he, arefo volendo depen- . deret, quad re in Chrift, that they are wholly /nfended on Him, and His me. ruPar" eft' R4- rat are the onely procuring caufe of them : For example, For.. be. ix 1 Smo dft. ni ,oz:nazi.finutaii; grpiv, :in, tire i, I depends upon Chrift, and his merits ; lo that his ',red. of filmes, id WO action ofGods love unto tom; andyet this ea calla finalis,et, ous Eloodmuff either procure this mercy for iv from god, elle obioaq fed etiam they will never 6 e forgiven ; and this, and the like. love of nnotivaper modil nullum eft ebie- god, U both in Chrifi, andfor Gbrifi. 2 . There are fome o- :1'1'4 plcature' ther atliens of Gods love, which aril "merelyand onely out of effe ratio volendi the abfoliite willof god, without any concurrence of Cbrifis me. alnid, fed Cola fug , t, bonmas, VacqueZ rsts ; eAs the eternal)purpore of God, whereby Hehash deter- s"1°P* 4149' '143. mined to chisfe fome men to falvation : this is an anion of Gods *Maimoil wathi, love metre!, riling out of His abfolute will , 'without Chrigs ..u.s, cap 1. roil:, hali,and leaf-merits. For Chm is a LiVediatour, andall his merits are the ' pied .Mi4fler of God . Iohn RanTells of his love,not the aloft of it Andyet, this love, though littmo,i,,44. it not for Cb,rifi, yet 4 itart ChrVi. .Eph.3a 1 . According to _ ._. ... . Ball, Ser.2. upon . the