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comfortablenralking withGad. 3 &. face of the Earth,from Eaft toWeft, fromNorth to South, 71,et ake not ti "i: which is above one and twenty theufandmiles about, both bid wayes ; and from one fideof Heaven to another; thou (halt h_liorwreadtoupt;obut tio not Linde fuch another illightened Gyhen,as this Iland,where- 'nese wherein, eT in we dwell. OF fixe parts of theEarth, five are not tov_ wanting. I an and in Chriactadome, what otherpart is fo free from theitedy, not reigne of Popery, the rage of Schifme, or the deflroying enewbaehm: Sword ? Or wherebetides doth the G 11 Thine with Each which id nacji met- glory, truth and peace ? Or in what nooke of' the World are there fomany faithful( Soules, whocryunto God day chi; :leY) 6:11":reit beams himfeifi n- and night, againfl the abominations of the times ; for the "' ", Rl.'ich is prefervation of the GofPell ; that Godsname may bee glo- mai boot:144y. rtouflyhallowed, His Kingdome come, His will be done in everyplace, and themfelves ferve him with truth of heart ? And yet weare too ready, if wehave not the height of our defires,andour will to the full, in (leadof patience,teares,and prayers, which beft become the Saints ; to embitter all other bleffings,_ and to dilcover mat horrible unthankefulneffe of them, by repining, grumbling, and difcontent ; Iam lure, by notrejoycing (as weought) in every good thing,which the Lord Our Godhad) given onto urs ; and by not improoving the ex- traordinarinefle of His mercies, to our more glorious fervice of Him and more humbly and precifely walking before Give me leave therefore in fhort,to revive and refrefh your memories, with reprefentation of fome general' heads onely of thole innumerable fpeciall favours, with which Gods merciful' hand hath crowned this Kingdome, for the flirting up, and enlargingour hearts, to the cntertainement and exercire of this molt neceffary, and molt negleeted du. tic of praifingiehova. And here, wee of' this Nation may a great Beale more juilly, and sightly fay, than the French Chronicler, in the Preface to his Story, That )ve have livedii a timeof Miracles : our Pofteritie will hardly beleeve the wonders done in our dayes. Was it net a miraculous mer- cy, that filch a glorious noone tide of the Gofpell as wee have enjoyed all our life long, fhould fpring out of dar., kelt mid-night ofdawned Popery, which unhappily feized upon.