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General! direaionsfor a neffe ; nay, made capable of all theglorious and magnificent liodiebt-jaks , andhearty praifes offered to Iehovah, both by all the Militant , and Triumphant Church ; yet would it come infinitely fhort offufficiently magnifyingiadmiring,and adoring the inexplicable myfterie , and bottomleffe depthof this free,independant mercy,and love ofGod, the Fountaine, and fir fl Moover of all our good I Wee may and are bound, tokleffe God for all the meanes, inflruments, and fecond cau- fes, whereby it plealeth God to conferre , and convey good things unto us: but wee mutt reit principally, with lowlieft thoughts of moll humble and heartiefl praifefulneffe, at the Well-head of all our welfare, lebovab, bleffed for ever. We receive a great deale of comfort , and refrefhment from the Moone and Starres ; but weemull chiefly thanke the Sunne from the greater Rivers alfo ; but the maineSea is the Foun- tine. Angels, Minifters, and Men may pleafure us ; but Ie. kovah , is theprincipal. Let us then imitate thole Lights of Heaven , and Rivers of the Earth ; doe all the good wee can with tholegood things God bath given us by his inftru- ments ; and then refleet backe towards, and returne all the glory and praife unto the Sunne of righteonfneffe , and Sea of our falvation. The beames of the Moone and Starres returne as farre backe toglorifie the faceof the Sunne, which gave them their beautie, as they can pc , until' they bee rcfleacd , or determine by neceffary expiration , the Sunnes ejaculatory power being finite : Let us femblably ever fend backe to Gods owne glorious Selfe , the honour of all His gifts , by a fruitfull improovement of them, in letting forth Hisglory , and by continual! fervent ejacula- tions of praife, to the utmoft poffibilitie of our gracious hearts. And here I cannot hold , but mull needs moil jufily com- plaine of the hateful!, intolerable ainthankefulneffe of us in this Kingdome, the happieft people under the Cope of Hea- ven, had we hearts enlarged to conceive aright of Gods ex- traordinary love , and fuch miraculous mercies , as never Na- tion enjoyed 1. Walke over the World : Perufe the whole face