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9 7 comfortable walkingwith Gad.. .....6 fore the Conquefl ; andfarre worfe then any Countreyof Chri- fiendorne,b7 the certainty ofinoftbloody,civill,andferrenwarren all our wealth and felicitie whatfiever , depending upon a few Ancertaine clay.; of ..QLteene Elizabeth: life. Clouds of blood ( faith zanother ) hang in the Aire , which at the death of z No'n vos late mode braves Q.Liecne Elizabeth will diffolve, and raine downeupon Eno- land , which then is exptaed as a prey to the ambition °of tcsc:act/tu jcicN rieighbOur-Nations. I an Cure, the falfe prophet fpake to this c.lur"' `.1'1`? fenfe. And what comes Of all this ? when the Day came, Wenna'utTgait'; God even wrought a miracle of mercy for the comfort of feraIte full) c'ictitili this Kingdome,and further confufionof filch tellers,and fore- c--°cnzectmer:: molt tellers of lyes : Far the Sunnefit, and no nightfollowed: the co°gr' ttvertcn" fame mercifiill hand at the fame time crowned Qucene Eli. R4Iblicnz"merka: zabeth with immortall glory, andfet the earthly Crowne of cboranciitiniitIr this Kingdomeupon King lames his head, without (heading inge"tes motes ternpc4atM asc fo much as one drop of blood. And was it not a miraculous turbationum,cru mercy tohave fuch a King , after fuch a Queene ? whobath cr"run' inlbtjur reigne,continued the Gofpell untous, and preferved us, from by whom Kings eunglcincratas nubes veitris im pendere cervici already, next under that inightie God , bus defpicietis. the deflroying Sword now full twentie yeeres: And what do - Vndequaqu you thinke,were twentic yeeres Peace,and the enjoyment of prohdolor1Angb theGolpell, worth, were it to be bought ? Who bath t p initirrratedtamex exec bled this Kingdome for ever , by his excellent Writings , tut: We toms trip thecaufe of 'Religion againft Antichrift , which would havefici rici homi?;i4 of created a great deale of honour to a private man, minding adacaritinicos. percratis nothing elfe : How illuftrious then doe they make our King? occubuit,nox ntt Mira carco fi The childeunborne will bleffc King Iames,for his premoniti- taeecut4. on to all the Princes, and free States of Chriflendome ; and that Royall Remonftrance againft the rotten, and peftilent Oration of the French Cardinal!, to theutter, and triumphant overthrow of it ; pennectin that'ffile, that none can poffiblv reach, but a learned King : his Golden pen lathgiven filch a blow to that t,-:aft' of Rome, that hee will never be able to hand upon hi Foure legg againe : bee bath (hot out of his Royall bow filch keene arrowes , takenout of the quiver of Cods Boole , will hang in the fides of that skarlet Whore,and Make her lameas longas lbechvPsi Did beenot fole