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2 0 Generaledire:lionsfor a tlIMM from thepower of evil!. Thouhaft confulted fhame to thy hols, by cuttingof manypeople,and hallfinned againft thy foule. rfes : 1. Wouldeft thou then have thy little babes thou loveft fo dearely, bleffed upon earth , truely noble , Gods fa- vourites, meete thee in Heaven ? Be holy thy Selfe. Men are very carefull and curious to have their feed-come , and breed of cartel! choife , and= generous ; and will they not endeavour to nurture, manage, andconduet the immortall bottles of' their children with grace, by godly educatioa, to the higheft- advancement, ofwhich thole noble natures areca. pable, everla flingbliffe, fruitionof all heavenly joyes, world without end ?. 2. This may alfo ferve to reproove, and corre&thole co- vetous Bedlams , that labour more to have their children great, than good ; rich, than religious. I> is a-madneffe of that kinde,which wanteth termes to expreffeit : That a Man fhould goe toHell himfelfe , and fit his children to follow him, in feekingto eftablifh his bottle, and mile his poileritic, by Sacriledge, Simony, Bribery, IT fury, Oppreffion, Dvo- pulation, or any other courfe of' criteltie, and wrong. For to (zuz namq; dic they lay their g foundation in fire-worke , which is able to oro aliens rapereblow up themfelvesand their pofteritie,body and foule,roote neeeflitasi --Pau- at d branch, pertas inquis boo facit,et inopia ne- 3. Let this fill the heart of "the dying Chriftian t with, reffatiorum. At- r weetell peace. For whereas the bloody knife of prophane qui propterea non delles rapin ex,tnens unconfcionable and cruel! negligence in training up ereere. Nam ca- . . les civitix incema their children refigioufly,doth flicke full deepe in their foules; Tu vero and leavina this life , they bequeath unto them the curfe of les congrebrrans non sister facis God together- with their ill gotten goods : lire happi- quam fi quis ro- ly findes his conicience , by rea ionof his former thirsty de-' oltuscur in are.. slam fundamenta jaciat, reiporvieat,Propter frigyris,ac pluviz mecum. At ob idiprurn non cle'iebat fueida- mentam in arenain Iac ,;iii ita ventus, Ac nimbi mox illud lubvertant. Itaque fi ditcfeere voles, nerninem circumven:as. si ;,beris tuis volesaivirias tradere , juaas acquire. Ilia quippemanent , ac firinv peififiunt. ,er"o tales non Cunt, confeftim pereunt, ac corruinpuntur. - Si veto ornninii diteicere cupis, (res enrn ift-a necell'aranon etl)c,uibus tandem diritiis magis fruivoletiAn virz longi- oris ? qui ex rapto clitelcunt,rnoclicaplerumquetemporedarant. fxpenurueth rapinz & im- potturz Derlas-dant, Morten) vidt.-:icer irnmattiram, idopeita,ut poffeais,, r4fi brevi momentafrui non liceat,&.abetintes,Gebericamfortiantur. Fir veto& hoc fxpe ut ex delitits,laboribus cc curs agritu- dines iroi s cot-cif-cam' et percasn, 61.31 0 Serra dErb. fire