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comfortable walking withGod. confcience ofpraying for their children, before they have them, as did a Ifaac, b Hannah : When they are quicke in a Cen.2.5.2x. the wombe, as did c Rebeckah When they are borne, as did ,b4esna.n.5'..12.21.°. Zachariah : In the whole courfeof their life, as did c lob: d Lukz.64. Attheir death, as did f /flow. And prayers wee know, are ftb.,:;4. for the purchafingof all favoursat thehands of God, either for our (;elves, or others, the mai undoubted (overaigne Eneanes we can poffibly ufe. 2. Godly Parents doe infinitely more defire to fee the true feare ofGodplanted in theit children s hearts, then, if it were poffible, the imperial' Diademof thewhole Earth let upon their heads. And therefore their principal' care is, and the Crowne of their greateft joy fhould bee, by goodexam- ple, religious education, daily inftration, loving admoniti- ons, feafonable reproofes, reflraint from wicked company, the corruptionsof the times, &c. by all deareft meaner, and utrnoft endeavours, to leave them gracious, when they goe out of this world. And godlinefe, faithTaul,hath thepromife I Tirn.42. of the life that now is, andof that which is to come. It gives right and full intereft to all the true honour, bleffings and comforts which are to be had in Heaven, or inEarth. 3. Children areordinarily apt, out of a kindly inftinet of natural' lovingneffe, from many and firongeft motives, to imitate, and follow their Parents, either in bafeneffe, or bet- ter carriage, to heaven, or hell. 4. AFather that truely feares God, dare not for his heart heape up riches, or purchafe high roomes for his children, by wrong-doing, or any wicked wayes of getting; whereupon, both heandhis, fare farre thebetter, and happily decline the flaming edge Of thofe many fearefull curfes denounced in GodsBooke, again(( all unconicienable dealers. Such as that, Ecclefia 3.14. There is afore evil! which Ihavefeenean- der the Sanne, namely,riches fer the owners thereofto their hurt. But thofe richesperk by evil! travel!, andhe begetteth a Tonne, and there is nothing in his hand. And Habac. 2. 9, '0. woe to him that coveteth an evill covetonfille to his &tuft, that hee may fit his mil on bye , that bee may bee delivered C 2 from