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22 Genera 11 direilions for a 0... performanceof religious fervices ; but negle6t duties of the fecond, and confcionable carriage to thybrethren ; Thou art but a Pharife, and formal! Profeffcur If thou de.alefl juftly with thy neighbour , and yet bee a flranger to the myfery of godlineffe, calla not pray, fan&ifie the Lords Day, fubmit to a fincere and fearching Minifterie, &c. which the flrfl Table enjoynes ; Thouart but a meere civill man : If thou put on a flourifh, and outward face onely, of obedience and confor. mitie to both , and yet be true-hearted in neither , as did the Pharifes, cmattb,23.14 23. thou art but a groffe Hypocrite. Beare thy felfe holily towards God, honeftly towards Man, and true-heartedly towards both, or thou art no Body in Chrifts Kingdome , but fill in the gall of bitterneffe , and APhef4 24' bondof iniquitie. Put on righteoufilefe , and true holtneffe in this life, or thou (halt never put on a Crowneof glory in the life to come. InHi-Igenerations] which were many , and mainely cor- rupt. In that then Noab flood out, and flucke untoGod k N" thorow fo many k ages; and againft fo 11 wicked a world; we litudine abhorr et earlsdixiffe Mo. may Larne fen plurali name- peas That conftancie is ever an infeparable Attendant ro,quo melius ex- primeret , quint upon true Chriflianitie. But becaufe a double conftancie is 11""u"' heere implyed 1. One in rape& of continuance of time : Otis athleta fuerit iToacih, quern to 2. Another in refpeet of oppofition to the corruptions Of runr,Ca tu:nnricaupt. the times ; I may obferve twopoints. yenill!91; fiui Doti. 1. Graceonce truely rooted in the heart, can never conftantilz exem c be remooved.See for this purpofe, Rom.I 1.29. Molth.24.240 plum, unfril- 1. Iohn 2. 19.27. John 28. Rom. 8. 35, Luke 22. 32. ittirce ciercumudims, 2. Car. I. 21, 22. EPhef. 4. 30, &c. de null= con- Reafons may be taken, from contagion= in- craxit, 1 The dcareneffe, ftrength, conftancie,inviolableneffe of God the Fathers love untoHis Children. It is dearer then a Mothers,to her fweeteft Babe, ././a 49.15. It is fironger then the mountaines , Efa. 54. xc). It is as conftant as the courfes of the SummandMooneandStarret;ofthe dayandofthe night, Ier.3 I . 35,36and 3 3 , 20,2.1, as (*MC; as GodFlintelfe, Pfisl:. ap. 35,8cce Chrifis