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comfortable walking with God. z. Chrifls triumphant feffion and interceffion at His Fa- thers right hand. Whichmay for ever, with fweetefl peace, and freedome from flay ifh trembling, affuit us ofour rooted- mire in Chrift , conflancie in grace , and everlafting abode with him in the other. World. Hee that will rent us from Chrifts myflicall Body , being once implanted into Him bya lively fruitful' Faith, and blcffedlyknit unto Him by His Spi- rit , as fait as the (inewes of His precious Body are knit unto His bones,H is flefh tohis finewes, and His skin toHis fiefh; moil pull Him out of Heaven , and rcmoove Him from the right hand of His Father. 'What fo furious or infernal! pow. er can or dare lay a finger onus in this kinde. I Hee bath taken the poifoningpower out of every thing, that fhouldhurt us, or hale us Backe to hell. He bathconquered, captivated, car- ried in triumph , and chained up for ever all the enemies of our follies, and enviers of our falvation. They may exercife us in the meane time for our good.; but they than never be ableto execute their maliciouswils, or any mortal! hurt upon us, either heere, or in the next life. 3. The irrevocable obfignation of thebleffed Spirit, Epha 1 . 3,14. and 4,3o. And who or what, can or dare, reverfe the Deede, or breake up the Seale ofthe holy Ghoft. Heere then, as you fee , the bleffed Trinitie is the un- moovcable ground of our going on in grace. 4. The biting and immortal! power of the Word, once rooted in a good and honeft heart, Lake 8.15. z. Teter. 1.23. 5. Thecertaintie and fweetneffe of promifes to this pur- pofe, /er.32.39,4o, Zed/Jo, 2. John 8.12. 2. Sam. 7. 14, 15. Pfig/.89.31,8cc. 6. The force and might of Faith , z . Pet. I. 3,3,4,5. 7. The efficacie ofChrifts Prayer, Dike, 22. 32. Iobn 17. z5,20. Rom. 8= 34 8. Thedurable vigour of livinggraces, John 4.14. ROMs 11.29. 9. The inabilitie, nay, impoffibilitie of all caufes, or crea tures to plucke out of Gods hand, /oho ro. 29, or todraw C4 any