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comfortablewalking with Goc4. =am............ armesof their Faith, the proofes and promifes in the-prgent Point and ride on , becaufe of the Word of Truth. Let them 'Weedy, with full affurance, and unconquerable refolution, repoie upon that everlafting encouragement,for the finifhing of their fpirituall building, which Zertabbabel received from themouthofGodHiinfelfe,for fuccelfe atticmaterial!, and Type of this : Not bymight andpower, but by my Spirit, faith zech.4-6,7, the Lord of Hof's. Whoart thou, 0great mountain ? before Zerubbabel thoufhalt become aplain, andhe/ballbringforth the headfloat thereof withAnoints , crying , Grace,grace tt.. to it. And that they may more comfortably and conflantlygoe on, let them caft their eyes betime upon thefe and the like cautions, at their very firft giving their names unto Chrift. x. Propofe fuck interrogatories as thefe to thine owne heart : Art thou content to abandon thybofome finne ; the fenfuall froth of former In pleafures , hereafter to delight in m Delicatus eq. God, as thy chiefeft joy ? Canft thou takeup thy erotic, and aru'illoiantitai! follow Chrift His Truth and holy tracke , amidit the many team concupifcis, by-paths that leade to hell , and different opinions of multi- it"',11tiriel'ili: nudes of men ?~Art thou willing to fuffer adverfitie, difgrace, WI as volupca tem, cTaepa rizt.8 de fteetac. and difcountenance with the righteous, and contemned god- ly Ones ? Canft thou endure to have things laid unto thy charge,thou never didfl, thoughtft,or drearredft on ? To be- come the Drsinktledyfolg ; a By-word to thole that areviler then theearth; mmficke at thefeesof thol2, thatlit in thegate, &-c. In a word,for Chrifts fake todeny thy felie,thy world- ly wifedorne, natural!. wit, carnal! friends, oldcompanions, pleafures, profits, preferments, cafe, excellency of learning, acceptation with the world, outward Rate, libertie, life, or what elfe thou canft name dearth unto fiefh and dood bl ? If thineheart anfwer not affirmatively, ( I meane out of there- foliation of a well-advifed regenerate judgement : for I know, the flefhwill grumble and reclaime ) thouwilt cer- tainely fall away, or end in formalitie. Looke to thy repentance ; that it be fincere, univerfall, con ant, from the heart.roote, for all known fumes, to thy dying