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24 Genera&6:Wel-lionsfor a any of His to a totall or finall falling away. a. It is not the Divell himfelfe can doe it, x. John 5, x8. 2, It is not the world, iJohn g. 4. John 16. 3 3. 3. It is not the concurrent fury, and united forces of all the powers of darkeneffe, tAratth. x 6.18. 4. It is not lime, a.Sam.7.14,I 5. Pfal.89.3 I, &c. 5. It is not weakeneffe of Faith , and other graces, Math. x 2.20. Efig. 42.3. 6. It is not the impoflure of WIC prophets, Matth. 24.24. 7. It is nocreature, or created power , Rom. 8. 38, 39° hies : x. ThisPoint thus confirmed, doth confound that forlorne Tene.nt of thePopith Dotiors, which tels us that a juilified and fandified Man may fall finallyand totally from grace. In which I have heretofore upon other oecafion in your hearing, pun6tually refuted thole which I conceived We/iambus beft Arguments. I will not then troubleyounow withhis Sophiftry againe. 2. This fweet and precious Truthmay crowne the hearts of all thole that are trulyChrifts, with joy unfpeakeable and glorious. Let new Converts and Babes in Chrift , who are woont to bee very fearefiill and much troubled, left they Mould not hold out , becaufe upon their firft entrance into the wayes of Chriftianitie , they arecunningly and concur- rently encountredwith fo many oppofitions : From the Di- veil, whicifthen rageth extraordinarily : From the World, which then tendereth moe and more alluring baiter : From theFlefh , whichnaturally is very impatient of any fpirituall {baffle : From carnall Friends, who cannot enduretheir for- wardneffe : From their oldCompanions,who cry out, They are turning Puritanes : From the Times , which lowre and looke fowre upon their zeale : Sometimes from the Father which begat thetmfrom theMother whichgave them fucke; from the Wife which lies in their bofome ; from a worldof tweakstograce ; I fay in inch ,.cafe let themgrafpe in the AK331e3