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comfortablewalking with God. 27 might enjoy good company. Shunning fociety with thegod ly, is too throwde a figne of a temporaie. 7. Confider well, ( for the contrary is a notable difcove- rie ofcounterfeits ) that thy calling to grace mull fettle thee more ?Ludy h thine honea particular calling and make thee therein more faithfull, confcionable, and painefull. Let Chriftians alfo of longer (landing, and more ilrength, in theiraffaults about perfeverance, have recourfe unto this Tower of Truth, and labour to prevent that which they feare : 1. By conflancie , in a carefull vfe °fall the meanes ; the Word, Prayer, Conference, Meditation, Sacraments, &c, Towhich, let them preferve appetite : and prat:We that they heare , without omffion or delay. Hee that gives way to a heartleffe neglect , or cuff omarie hardneffe ofheart in theufe ofthe Ordinances, may jay fulpea his neereneffe to for= fearefull finne , or fierce temptation ; to Tome heavie judge- ment, or dangerous Apoflacie. 2. Affoonc as theydifcover any fpirituall weakeneffe , or decay ; affanit, or temptation; let them complaine betime unto the Throne ofGrace, and mightily oppofe with the fer vent& prayers ofextraordinary privatehumiliation. 3. Let them keepe perfection Bill in their eye, and airne and towards the attainement thereof, acquire andacquaint themfelves with Rules ofholy life, dailydireetions, amides oftnoft mortified men, &c. 4. Let them watchfully declineall occafions of falling Backe : Spiritual) pride,knowne Hypocrifie,defire tobe rich, undervaluing and declining the moil fearchingmeans, forme, and perfunetorineffe in religious duties,difcontinuance ofinti mateneffe with the godly , neuleft of difiraaions upon the Lords Day, &c. S. Let them confider that all is loft which is pail, if they fall off, 2. Iohn 8. This former Point of confiancie in grace , did arif f-flm confideration of blefred Noahs continuance in g, through fo many ages : Now in that hedid not conform to the