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L dc .5.01. 24. Genera&direaionsfor a the iniquities ofthe times, but did flandunfiained, amidfl the wickedft generations that ever dwelt upon earth ; I collet theneceffitie of anothercon fiancie , and that is in refpea of oppofition to the corruptionsof times. Doti. The fervant cif Godmull not ferve the times. Or thus : The true Chrift'an ought to fland at flaves end with thecorruptions of the time. Reafin. Hee is boundunto it by his Baptifme. OF fuch as prophaned themfelves, beingChrillians, with irreligious de- light in the Enfignes of Idolatry, heathenifh fpetiacles fhowes and flage-playes, 0 Tertaian,to ftrike them themore deepe, claimeth the promife which they made in Baptifme. He is not ofthe world, John i 5.19. hfei3 hid with Chrifi in God, Colof: 3. 3. There is a fecret heavenlyvigour infufed into everygracious. Soule, by the Sanaifying Spirit, which. deads it to the world, and makes it delight in God. Hee ought to Able in the world, as a light in the nue ofacrooked andperverfe nation, Phil. 2. I 5. Light and darkeneffe cannot endure one another ; neither the power of Grace , thofe workes ofdarkeneffe in which the world lyes drowned. Hee is by no meanes to beconformed to this world, Rom. r Z. 2. nor to runnewith the wicked to the fame exceffe ofriot, z.Pet.4 4. Hee is now new-borne , and become a ChildofEternity ; whereby his heart is falne in love withnew and everlafting delights ; and the eye of his foule turned from thedung of this world , towards the gloryof the fecond Life. As the worldling cannot !Thai thefweet joyes of gratious exercifes: fo neither can the Chriflian, the frothy pleafures of goodfel- lofhip. You can as hardly draw the found Profeffor to a Con- venticleof fwaggering companions ; as a good, fellow to a dayofhumiliation. Vfis Howfoever then,thoumayeft feetne to nand on sods fide, by anartificiall aftingoffome affeaed formes in Religion, by countenancing theMinif1erie, if thou beeft a . great Man, and outwardly conforming to the Ordinances : yet, ifin thypraaife thoubeeft plunged into the corruptions of theprefent, and thineheart hankerftill, and hunt in fecret after