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comfortable walking with God. 33 God, or delighting in him , that thou weareft the Divels brand, and art yet moil certainely one of his. See and fearch the truemeaning of fuch places, as thefe ; a i . John 3.3 6,8,9. a James 2. I o. Exech. 18. 21. Pfalme 66. 18. and z 9 miftake the g place. I know fi.ent t') a hence,the Pelagrans Ezech.1 8.3o. Matth. 8,9: z.Cor.7 Catharifis, &Hi :antip7jts " fi",111LI;a: %table hereunto is the concurrent judgement,and do&rine ()Four belt Divincs,and worthieft Writers,gracioufly tines dream, of, I tiedunto the Kin done of Heaven. Thefe are their fev t know .not what, offertions to the fame tenfe, in their ovinewords : phooicau, pima- tafticall,anelvropi. 1. Amancanhave no peace inhis confcience, that favottreth andvt.ligeth any onefinne in himfelfe againfl conflience. ZVEcg 2. e../ man is in a damnable (fate, whatfoever good deedes DamobZinain,'Ilan 01C feeme to bein him, ifbeeyeeldnot to the worke of the holy ghoI 1, rantur peccatucuni, for the leaving but ofany one knowne finne , which fighteth 4- fine cncant;o: In gainfi.peace of conference, 3. So longas the power of mortification defiroyeth thy 101 nfullFemni ;coca' cgirfc:p7vEr;i: affeelions, and JO long as thou art tinfainedlydiffileafidwith all nano, finne, and doefi mortifie the deeds ofthe body by the Spirit, thy nd° puritati Cafe 1.4 the cafe offalvation. &dere, Beta. 4. e4 good conference !lands not with a pnrpole offinning not withTrefoltstion again'?Anne. S. The rich and precious boxe of a good conference ispollu- ted, and made impure, if but one dead Flie bee lispedinit. ( Hee meanes , any one knowne fume, lyen anddelighted in impenit,nr1v.) 6. * where there is but any onefinne nouriAed andfoftered; * Dike. of the dem allother ourgracesare not only blemifhed, but abolifhed ; they checair,"i:beffeap:f:"` are nograces:, 7. true re thatPayingofAquinas ; That alllimes are coupled together, though not inregardofconverflon to temporall good; for fimle look to the goodofgaMe, fameofglory , fome oh/ea/4re, &c. yet in regardofaverfion from eternal! Good, that is god ; So that bee that looks but towardonefinne, is as much averted, and turnedbakefrom.Cod, as ifbee looked toall. Inwhich reffiert Saint lamesfayet, Hee that offended, in ewe, :S- pit/tieWall. S. Ever?Chriflian Aoki carry in his hearto&slant and - D refelsite