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32 Pfal. 4 Z. General' direaionsfor a fence, (hall in the timeof trouble nand like a firongunmove- able mountaine, impregnable againft the rage of wind and weather, again( thecruell incurfions of all adverfary pow- er ; when the wicked (hall tire theMountaines withboote leffe cryes to cover them ; he flail be able to faywith Oavid, The Lord is my refuge and myfirength, &c. Therefore will I notfeare, though the earth bee mooved, and the cillountainet fall into themall of the Sea. He (hall by themercies of God, and humble dependance upon his omnipotent Arme en- counter, and entertaine the terrours evenof the evill day, of thehoure of ten-.)ptation,of the King of feare,and !aft Judge- ment, with confidence and peace. 4. Thy walkingwith God, will make thee extraordina- rily powerfull, andmightily prevaile in prayer; one of the greatefi blefiings, and fweeteft comforts, which can bee na- med, or enjoyed in this life. As the Kings Favourite, who Hands fill in his prefence, and under the immediate, and gra- cious influence hisRoyall eye, doth farre fooner,and much more eafily obtaine both his owne and friends fuites, then thofe who are more eftranged from the Court : So it is in this cafe. 5. But above all, that which fhould moft quicken, and keene us to this duety, is that particular intereft weehaveby Iefus Chriff, in Jehovahhimfelfe, bleffed for ever. A tnyfte- ry, which if I fhouldoffer toopen and enlarge, I fhouldbee endleffe, and yet come infinitely fhort. Oh then, let us infinitely love, and learne exaaly themoil Tweet and heavenly Art of walking with God I For a more comfortable illightning, and guiding us wherein, before I come to give fome generall inftruetions, give mee leave to premife thefe quickning preparatives. I. Looke that thou lye( not in any one knowne lime a- gainft thy confcience,hatingto be reformed : doe not cherifb, allow, or goe on in any luft, corruption, or lewd way in thine heart, life, or calling : fuffer not any ,worke of darkneffe, or ferviceof Satan to raigne, and domineere in thee. For if fo, thou are fo farre from ability, or poiribility ofwalking with God