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comfortable walking with God. 35 the right underflanding, or lavingpraaice of this facred and fweeteft Art, of walkingwith God ; except thou refolve,to Rand for ever fincerely at the fwords point againft all finne. Even thy bofome-finnemull beabandoned, ifthou looke for any blefting in this kind : Thou muff put off the fhirt from thy Cnfull foule ; for as the fhirt is to the body,fo is thebelo- ved finneto the Ionic; it ftickesclofeft and neereft,and is done offwith moll adoe. Andbecaufe this darling-pleafure , miniondelight, Reece., tumin delics, as the Fathers call it, is Satans flrongeft Hold, his Tower ofgreateft confidence and fecuritie , when he is driven out elfewhere, and fo by confequent molt powerful! and peremptorie to keepe a mans heart efiranged with largeft diftance , and incompatible averfion from all holy acquain. Lance withGod ; I will in fhort labour to illighten, anddif- intangle anyone , who unfainedly defires an utter divorce flom this bofome-divell ; by tellinghim, firft, what it is : fe- condly, what his is ; thirdly, how hee may bee deceived a- 'bout ir. i. , hn art:, na mpact .M in every man , there is one element, onehumour works !usart liagitiortis and ordinarily one paffionpredominant; fo alfo one ofdarkeneffe , and way d...ath. And it is that whichhis alfilivqeunoitvuitiourninagaibs corrupt , and original! crookedneffe, upon the firft elective abhoreaten e. furvey , and nrofNc over the Cooks Paradife of Worldly n° taiwraita pleafures, fl 'chi; lulls and vanities of this life,by a fecret fen- 115 eft' quin ad " num aliquod pee- Mall inclination , and bewitching infufion of Satan, tingles carom, quam ad caactearratripnepn607 out, and makes fpeciall choice of , to follow and feede upon withgreateft delight, and predonainante fweetneffe : after- Pity. 1262. ward ntr": , by cuftome and continuance , growes fo powerful!, / andattraetive , that it extraordinarily endeares , and drawes The 1106 in every unto it the heate ofall his defires, and ftrongeft workings of°,7,11htfil",; hisbeart, with much affe&ionate inipatiencie, andheadlong- whe'ei'llibie m°11 feetrilrhitgitireiych:Z neffe : and at theheight,by any unrefiftable tyranny, it (Hakes pkafule, all occafions and occurrences, friends and followers, thedec. regurei pen reach ofpolicie, andutaloft projerks of wit, Religion, hcrangad, relrigahrdt-of confcience, credit with the world, theuniverfall pollibilitie Prr I tiv DA! e ofbody, foule, outward mate, Cervkable , and contribu. o°3"eP"tance' rade D a PaP