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36 Genera&direllionsfor a .1.1121iolOMEMMInemil NIO tarie unto it, as the Captaine, and commanding finne ' as to the Divels vice-ray, domineering in the wafted confcience. In fame ' it is woridlineffe, wantonneffe, ambition, appariti- on togodlineffe, vfurie, pride,revenge,or the like : In others, it may be drunkennes,the fwaggering vanitieofgood fellow- fillip, gluttony, pleafures ofPlay- houfe-hanting, gamingfcur- rill jefling,&c. obftinate infatiableneffe in allowed recreations, idleneffe, or fuch like. z. Thou mayeft difcover it by fuch markes as thefe 1. It is that, which thy trueft friends, thineowne con: icience and the finger of God in the Minifterie, many times finder out, meetes with, and chiefly checks thee for. 2. it is that, which ifit breake out into aEt, and bee vifible to theeye ofthe world,thineenemies malt eagerly ob- ferve, and objet, as matter of their molt infultation, and thy greatendifgrace. 3. That which thou art lotheft to leave, art ofteneft tempted unto,haft kaft power to refift, and which mail bin. ders the refignation and fubmiflion of foule and body, of all thy courfes and carriages, heartily and unrefervedly to the Wordand will ofGod. 4. It is that whichGod often& carretb in thee,e7en in the interpretation, and guilticacknowledgement 'pithy felfe- accufingheart. It may bee , at feverall times thouhaft beene afflicted with fame heavycroffe in thine outward nate, lofie ofa child , fame fits and pangs of bodily paine, terrours and troubles ofmind; or fame filch proportionable vifitations now in all thefe, and likeaffliaions, upon the firft finarting apprehenfion, thy confcience, if any whit awaked, on its owneaccord feizes upon that finne we now leckefor, 4s the principal! eAcbas and author °fall thymiferie. S. Ifever thou wan fa ficke,as out ofextremitie to re- ceive fentence ofdeathagainft thy felfe, anddifpaire ofreco- verie ; if thy confcience was liming, this finne affrighted thee molt, and gave the deadliefi Now todrive thee to fi- nal! defpaire. And if thou fhouldeft die in it without repen- tan5e,which (pd forbid, it would jnfufe mof bellifuvigour and