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comfortable walking with God. 41 Vpon his returne, the unclean fpirit rages more then be- math.3241. fore. Thus to lend thee fome light, for a more full difcovery, and thorow difintanglement out of its pleafing mares ; Ihave intimated briefely what a beloved finne is; what thine may bee; and how thou mayen bee deceived about it. For if thou would& truely tafle how gracious, and glorious the Lord is in a fweet communion with His bleffed Majefly ; if thou wouldefi be intimately acquainted with the myfiery of Chrift, whereinare hid infinite heavenly treafures, and filch pleafures, as neither eye hatbfiene, nor eare heard, xei. cor.2.p. ther bath entred into the heart of man if thouwouldefl ever bee fitly qualified to walke humbly with thy God in the way which as called Holy ; as thoumuft fall out for ever with all finne, fomilt thou principally and impartially improove all thy fpirituall forces, and ayde fromheaven, utterly to demo- lifh and beate to the ground the Divels Caftle ; to dethrone and depofe from its hellifh tyranny over thee, that grand int. poifoner of thy foule, and ftrongeft barre tokeepe out grace, all acquaintance, and fweeteft entercourfe withGod; thy bofome finne. Take noticeby the way, that fith wee concurrently, and conftantly teach, that inflifying Faithdoth purifie the heart from the raigne and allowance of any luft, or lewd comic, and plants by thepower of the holy Ghoft, a fincereuniver- fill new obedience, and regular refpeEt to all Gods coalman- . dements, to all goodworkes of Iuftke, Mercy, and Truth ; and that wee neither doe nor dare give any comfort to any man of his being itiftified and affared of Gods love,that goes on impenitently inanyone knowne finne againft his confci. ence, hating to be reformed ; I fay, fith it is thus, takenotice how unworthily,and wrongfuily,the AntichriftianDators, having received foreheads from the whore of Babylon,deale with us in this point. Heare them fpeake So that their juftification, (meaning ours)faith a Fitther. a P,1.P 5320 Bert, may according to their opinion, ftand with all wicked- "wife. There