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4° Genera11 direllionfor a Cza===1:624 roar of bringing againe his beloved finne in his bofome to the Communion, after fo many caufefull provocations of Divine Iuftice ; obfervation of fome remarkeable vengeance, feized uponhis fellow-delinquents; or fenfible (mart offorne terrible blow fromGods vifiting hand in one kind or other I fay, upon fome fuch occarion, hee may fora time forbeare his bloody oathes, vfory, drunkenneffe, gaming, Playhoufe haunting, fe*-polluting, walking in the blade and darke might after thefirange woman, or what other finne foever doth reigne in him, andretaine him ftronglieft in the Divels flavery. But becaufe it is not theworke of the Word, hum- blinghim foundly under Gods mighty hand, planting faith; and infufing mortifying power, bee is not able to hold out long; but the uncleanefftirit returnes, and rules in him againe farre more imperioufly, and fenfually, out of indignation of its dilcontinuance, and proportionably to the partiesnew- collected flrength, and eagernefre, to recommit it, after his extraordinary and impatient forbearance. I know, it is not impoffible, but that a man, after his converfion, by the fudden fuprizall of Lorne violent temptation, and cunning, traineof Satan, may bee hailed backe to commit his fweet finne againe ; efpecially if it be of fome nature, (though it be a very heavy cafe, and tobe lamented, if it were poffible, with teares of blood;) yet bee never doth, nor can return to wallow in it againe, or allow it. After fuch aclreadfull re- lapfe, his heart bleeds afrefhwith extraordinary bitterneffe of penitent remorfe, he abhorres himfelfe in dull and aches, as exceedingly vile, cries more mightily unto God in a day of humiliation, for the returne of his pleafed countenance, re- paires and fortifies the breach with ftronger refolution, and more invincible Watchfulneffe, againft future affaults, and all aflayes of reentry. But now the temporanrie I talke of, after his formall enforced forbearance, engulphs himfelfe againe, with more greedineffe, into the pleafures and fenfuality of his bofome finne, lyes ' and delights in it againe , as the very life of his life, and hardens himfelfe more obainately in it,. as a thing impoilible to leave, and live with any comfort. Upon: