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comfortable walking With God. 49 ,1 ocular Calling:we may ever ftrongly flifpeet himofhollow.. neffe and hypocrifie. It is the confident conclufion of a very learned and holy Divine Though a man be endued with excellent gifts , andbe able tol;:s`k.,7k137.fcaisii. /pukewell, conceive 'Prayer, andwith tome reverence toheare theWord, and receive the Sacraments,yet if he praflifenot the duties ofgodlinefe withinhis owne Calling,all t but hypocrige. i. What fonne or daughter of Adam can challenge and pleade exemption from that common charge laid upon them by the Lord ofHeaven : In the fweat of thy face (halt thou Gen.; eate bread, till thou returneunto the ground; Either by tray ell of body, or toyle of mind;or both ?_ 2. Diligence in a civill Calling, is neceffary for.a comfortao ble provifionof earthly neceffaries. 3 . Hee is a aided Drone , a childe of idleneffe and floth, the very Tennis-ball of temptation, moft unworthy the blef-- fings and benefits ofhumane focietie ; who cloth not one way or other cooperate, as it were; and contribute to the common Good,, with, his beft indeavours in fore honeft particular Calling. 4. A feafonable imployment in a civill Calling , is a So. vedigne prefervative , a curbe for prevention of infinite fwarmes of idle inclancholike , and exorbitant thoughts ; and for refiraint from many wickedand unwarrantable med- hogs and mifcarriages. 5. An honed Calling is a Schoole of Chriftianitie. In which a man performing duties for the Lords fake,may daily profit in the practice and increafeof many heavenly graces '' - Faith, Obedience, Patience, MeekenefTe, Conftancie, Truth, Fidelitie , Invocation , Thankefgiving, experienceof Gods providence, &c. A trueConvert therefore is fo farre from caning off his perfonall Calling ; that after his calling to Chriftianitie, he is wont to difcharge the duties thereof with farre more care and confcience, thoughwith a betterminde,more moderate affedions,and for ableffeder end. 7. Some there may bee , who feeing the iniquitie of theft