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48 Geweralldireot`itms f ©r a noted to be on the heft fide. In a worcl,luch fellowesas there., out ofa bafe and unbleffed ambition to bee well fpoken of by all, though a woe waites upon fuck, Luke 6. z6. furnifh thernfelves, both with a forme ofprofeilion to content Chri. fiians , and flourifhes of good fellowthip to pleafe tte pro- phane. 6. Others there are , who may glorioufly pretend , and proteft with great bravery and confidence, their affcnt and affiflance to the belt and holieft courfes ; put on a temporary counterfeits profeffion , and fafhionable conformity to the communion of Saints ; that thereby they may pen more fairely and plaufibly, out of one calling into another from a baler, lower, more negleacd, and toilefome Trade , into fome other of more liberty , acceptation and cafe or el le breake out ofall Callings ; and fo, by the unhalloWed myfle- ry of a facred coozening , if I may fo call it, live upon their prof flion ; andby abufing the tender coniciences of weak:, Chriflians, with the controulingand countermanding tyran- nies,as it were ofan aifecied furious zeal; fucke out ofthem no fmall advantage, and prey too plentifully upon the peo- ple of God. Such as thole, are ready to pretend, and inti- mate, that Inch bare, earthly, and worldly imployment, and fpending of their time, is difgracefiill, and derogatorie to the providence of God, and their Chriftianliberty : that with unworthy detainernentiVfind avocations, it interrupts them in the purfuite oftheir generall Calling ; difables and hinders them in the difchargeofholy duties. But let them know,that Chriftianity,iffound and true, cloth not nullifie, but lanaifie our particular Callings. Thououghteft tocontinue with con- fcionableneffe and conflancy in that perfonall Calling, where. in thy Callingtograce did finde thee, if it bee warrantable Agri. and lavvfull. See r Cor. 7. No comfortable change Hoc canon fafti. ofa Calling, but in cafe of1. privateneceffiry, or 2.. common at conditionem Good : and that truely , fo not hypocritically pretendA, and humilem, non of fettet aitioxem , for by-refpeas. n°n tenler ab 11' Ifany man then , %upon giving hisname to Religion, than ni ad aliam tran- oat. Per, grow into negleft, diflaite, or derelidionofhishoneft par. ticular